Thursday, December 13, 2012

One big holiday post…

Well we’ve been busy getting ready for the holidays.  The boys went on their annual ‘pick out a tree with Papa trip’. It was a spur of the moment thing, I was still trying to get myself amped up for the season.  They literally jumped in the car with their play clothes on and went, we left Chunk home sleeping. IMG_4024IMG_4025IMG_4026IMG_4027

Isn’t my mom pretty?IMG_4028IMG_4030IMG_4031IMG_4034

And that’s as far as we got with that.

A few days later we went to see the Big Guy in the Red Suit and have they boys’ picture taken. The face painting is their favorite part, the lady who does these is phenomenal. I have her card if anyone wants her info. All of the artwork went on the arms this year, since Santa hadn’t yet arrived and the moms didn’t exactly want Batman on their faces for their pictures.



This elf held the Naughty and Nice Lists and Monkey was determined to find out which list he was on.


Checking his teeth to make sure Monkey’s been brushing. IMG_4067IMG_4068

Checking his ears to make sure he’s been cleaning and bathing. Needless to say, he made it to the Nice list. Mom says, “Barely!”IMG_4069IMG_4076IMG_4086IMG_4091

Next up Mission Inn:


World’s Largest Mistletoe as registered by Guinness.


Real live reindeer for the kids to see.IMG_4108


And of course, everyone, except Daddy’s favorite stop: Casey's Cupcakes.


Twenty bucks later everyone was on a sugar high and the boys were ready to leave.




Nicolle said...

Ah, I love your pictures. I had a hard time getting in the holiday spirit this year, then the last few days have made it even harder....but, your post put a smile on my face. :) Yes, your mom is gorgeous! Love the Santa pictures, and that Elf is fun too! I'd love a bit of one of those cupcakes. Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas friend.

Jensamom23 said...

Looks like a fun way to begin the Christmas Season. Love the elf!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous Christmas photos as usual! A very Merry Christmas to you Mrs Dumbar and all your family! God bless you. xxx

p.s YES! Your Mum is beautiful like yourself! :)