Thursday, September 30, 2010

Touches of Fall

I’ve been trying to spruce our house up with a few pieces of fall decor this past week. This morning I added this to the door that hangs above the couch in our Great Room.
Small bits here and there.
And NO the belly is not that big yet. I pulled out this frame and the picture was already there. I love this photo of Monkey listening to his brother Bogie.IMG_5823
The boys and I made these pumpkins following Alisa’s tutorial. (The Sweet Life)
This was a great activity, I layered everything up and then had them follow whatever I did. Even Bogie pretty much got it right without much help from me. I highly recommend making these. My boys especially loved shoving the branches from Grandma Judy’s house into the center.
And as I was walking around fidgeting with photos around the house, I kept hearing “Dink!…Dink!…Dink!”
Only to come back and find this!
Supposedly its a new target for them and they love the sound. I only got Bogie in the shot, but you can see the tip of Monkey’s gun in the upper right corner.
And this, my friends, is Decorating 101 Dunbar Man style.
~mrs. dunbar

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Plan B

Well this past weekend I had a birthday. Another birthday, wowzers.

Mr. Dunbar had planned for the two of us grown-ups to go to our favorite little dive at the beach on Saturday night, but as luck would have it Bogie spiked a fever. So at the last minute I cancelled because come on, who could leave a kid at home with a temperature of 103? For 102 I probably would have left him. (just kidding.) Since our original plans were changed and the fever had broken, we all went to the Spaghetti Factory on Sunday for a quick lunch. Browned butter with mizithra cheese… YUM.


Monkey doesn’t eat pasta so I always order him a meatball. Yes, one meatball.



The parents came over Sunday evening for cake, since my mom insisted that it was important for the boys. They were in hog heaven with chocolate cake and icecream… these boys were running wild until almost 10pm! I’m instating a new rule: no sugar after 2pm.IMG_5786


Did you notice any consistency in the birthday candles?  (I’m #1.)

Aw, well. Another year. This one should be good, I can already feel it.

(I mean, who doesn’t like being kicked in the ribs from the inside?)

Belly pics forthcoming.

~mrs. dunbar

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It just goes so fast


This past week just flew by.  The boys went to school or music, I actually exercised, and meals were prepared eaten and then cleaned up. Typical week. Nothing crazy exciting. But oh so tiring. By Friday night I was asleep by 8pm on the couch. You know those weeks? 

I’m looking forward to this upcoming week. (Not the upcoming weather, hello, 110 degrees!) But a fresh start sounds good. The feelings of fall, I am slowing putting out the oranges and reds. But the inspiration is lagging a little (may have something to do with this heat wave we are in.) I may have to go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte, just because the calendar says its supposed to be getting cooler. What do you think? Will it work?  I’ll keep you posted.

More to come soon. Happy Sunday.

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, September 20, 2010

How old do you deserve to be this Monday?

A woman has the age she deserves.
~ Coco Chanel
Although I would love to start my morning with a powdered donut and a White Chocolate Mocha, I think I’ll stick with Almond Cranberry Oatmeal and then I’ll take a nice long walk with Bogie after we drop Monkey off at school. My center of gravity is moving in front of me and my toes are soon going to be a distant memory, I’d like to postpone the excess weight gain if I can. The pounds I have to, I’ll put on, but this time I’m dreading trying to take them off. I’ll be well over thirty after all.
Coco Chanel quotes are some of my favorite. Today, this morning before the hustle and bustle of brushing teeth in little mouths, putting on shoes Velcro shoes, and running errands with a toddler begins, I feel like I’m 24. It’s like my go to age. The age I’ve felt for plenty of years now. So I’ll take care of me first this morning and then I’ll take care of all the hooligans as they start coming out of their rooms sleepy eyed carrying their blankets down the hall.
Here’s to healthier breakfasts and a great Monday!
Life Made Lovely
~mrs. dunbar

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the farm

When you go to a farm and you’re in the General Store, make sure your camera isn’t on TV mode. Or else you will end up with pictures that you can hardly even see. {AGH.}

How do you like my Davy Crockett? What is it with boys and guns? It is so innate.


IMG_5532   IMG_5538

IMG_5542 IMG_5546 IMG_5549

The whole point of our visit was to pick raspberries.IMG_5557 IMG_5558

These guys were eating the berries as fast as they were picking them.IMG_5568 IMG_5567


So I had to stop taking pictures and start picking berries.IMG_5591

Learn from others: don’t feed your baby (in a baby carrier) raspberries as you are picking them.IMG_5615

Even the animals weren’t that sure about the hooligans we brought with us.IMG_5629

  Notice any similarities??

IMG_5646  IMG_5707

My sweet angel decided to pose for the camera…. IMG_5652

While these guys decided to go eat apples we hadn’t paid for. IMG_5665IMG_5666


Bumble bees swarming fruit on the ground is always so interesting. IMG_5693

And some people just weren’t ready to go home when the mommies were.IMG_5689

It was a fun day. Especially the nice long naps the boys took afterwards.

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have the most typical boy.

First day of school picture: Pre-K.
I’m already getting the “Come on Mom! Do we have to do this?”
You’re FOUR.  Yes we are going to do this. Every. single. year.
So get used to it buddy!
Now this guy…
IMG_5420He doesn’t know the, “my mom is annoying me routine.” He was more than happy to smile for the camera. But I’m sure my days are numbered.
Then I said, “Okay, you guys can make funny faces.” And wha-la! Cooperation.IMG_5429 IMG_5431
Monkey already has a few friends in his class. God really has blessed us with so many families that have boys our exact same ages.IMG_5451 
And finally one quick snapshot of the two of us. IMG_5458  I love this guy.
Have a wonderfully sun-shiny Monday everyone.
And here are 2009's and 2008's First Day of School Pics.
~mrs. dunbar

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Start of the Soccer Era

Monkey had his first game today in AYSO soccer. I still can’t believe it. U5. Where has the time gone?  You see, the Dunbar’s are soccer players. That’s their sport, its what Mr. Dunbar played every weekend for years, and years, and years. And now another generation of Dunbar is playing. I’ve known this day was coming since he was born, one of those days that seemed so far off and in a glimpse has already past.
Here’s a recap of our day:
We started with a special breakfast of Orange-Bran French Toast. IMG_5355
Mmmm. Mmmm. Good. IMG_5357
Mr. Dunbar put on Monkeys shin-guards and cleats when we got to the fields. IMG_5365
This year in U5, the boys have practice before the games. Which started out really well.  IMG_5370 IMG_5374
But in 97 degrees 4-year olds out tire out real quick. Mr. Dunbar is an awesome encouraging coach. (Did I mention he's got mad soccer skills and great legs?) Monkey pushed his way through the heat and tiredness. IMG_5393IMG_5396
This little guy is ready to play on a team, like now. He ran onto the playing field quite a few times during the game with the full intention of getting to the ball. IMG_5386We had a 12:30 game time and the first team we played were like the Grizzly Giants. Each kid stood over our three boys by 3-inches. Atleast. It was so funny because they were so much bigger than our boys. (It was like playing against Luke Metzger-  a friend of ours.)IMG_5405
Monkey scored a goal. The only goal made by his team.
(Even though in U5 we’re not really supposed to keep score.)

We were so proud of him.
~mrs. dunbar