Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grab the Camera

Every time Bogie holds the baby he tells me, “Take a picture!  Mommy, take a picture.” March 374

Sometimes, someone is a little fed up by the time I grab the camera. March 397

March 447 March 448

I hope they’re always best buds like this. March 491

Well, okay, I hope they’re both smiling one day.

~mrs. dunbar

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Love

March 387-1
Remember to kiss your kids today. Tell them that you love them… unconditionally.
I’m off for some five year old-schmoozing and some three year old cuddling. I think they are missing that, probably not as much as me, but still I'm going to give it to them.

And I really liked  this post on 50 ways to Encourage your Babies from From the Natos. .
I'm putting it on my love board as a daily reminder.
Since words lift up a soul or break down a heart.

Have a great weekend.
~mrs. dunbar

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And life goes on…

Over the past month life has remained as busy as ever. Newborn, or not, we’ve been on the move. Sort of a business as usual.

Monkey got his Kindergarten Physical. He passed hearing and vision with flying colors. Can you believe, Kindergarten??  Where has the time gone?March 191

T-Ball started with Opening Day and a game.

March 197 

March 200

This little guy slept for most of the days activities. I think he liked the hustle and bustle, while he cozily slept the day away (for once.)March 207

This guy had everyone running in every which way. He was all energy and demands, as well as giggles. March 209

March 242

March 262 

We had a small birthday celebration with family for Bogie’s 3rd birthday. Yup, the Bogster turned three. And he has let everyone know it. Although, two days before his birthday he told me he “wanted to be 5 on his birthday so he could go to Kindergarten!”March 273March 293 March 309 

 March 320

March 285

 March 321

We found some time to play hide-n-seek in the house. For all four rounds of hiding this is where Bogie went. The dirty laundry. I think it was the box concept that had him hiding. March 437

Blue got her head stuck in a bag. March 456


Auntie Marian and Auntie Rita came to visit. Auntie Marian sat down and said, “Now give me that baby.” She’ll be 100 this year. I said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Can you imagine how many babies she’s held in her lifetime?

Mr. Dunbar’s grandfather was her baby brother. This is the 4th generation of baby she’s held in her loving arms.March 368 March 369

March 370

And a few of H and I using the self-timer. My mom says you can ski off his nose.March 475

And yes I am still so exhausted. The baby has a cold that just wont give up, but once it does we are so going to get on a schedule. March 490

I still can’t believe he’s got dark hair and eyes and a dimple in his chin. March 482

I think I’ll call him Popeye.


March 449

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Time Mom

Dunbar-926One of my very best and life long friends is  pregnant with her first child. For years I’ve been asking her, “Pregnant yet?,” only to receive the PC answer of, “Not yet, we’re waiting for the right time…” But I have bugged and bugged (because she knows I want the best for her) and she’s one of my kindred spirits, and well, when you’ve been friends since before puberty asking such a personal question is like water off a ducks back.

Anyhow, she’s prego now and I couldn’t be more excited or more bummed.

She’s going to be a mom, hooray. She lives in New York, crap.

As I was talking with her on the phone the other day, so many thoughts popped into my head that I wanted to share with her, so many do’s and don’ts and this and that’s. So I thought perhaps I’d share a few opinions and thoughts that I am sharing with her.

Here is all of my wisdom… Dunbar-938

1. Everyone’s got an opinion on everything. Just smile and nod, and take what you like, use it, take what’s wack and throw it out the window. (But I’m sure you’ll use everything contained in this letter.)

2. When registering for all of the baby gear, take a friend who’s walked a mile in your shoes already. Perhaps someone with an infant or a toddler, not a friend who’s kid is 12, things change so fast and the gear gets better each year.

3. Find a support group now!  Find friends who are walking in your shoes or are just a bit ahead of you in this parenting game. Listen when they talk. Nobody can give it to you straight like someone who has just crossed the milestone you are about to come across. People who have older kids remember the glory days and the bliss of everything. Time, I think, reduces the cruddy memories and the feelings of devastation after weeks of sleep deprivation. Having moms in your corner that are living the same life day-to-day will give you the understanding and hope that nobody else really can.

Your friends will change, slowly. Singles really don’t want to hear about your breasts, or poopy diapers, or sleep schedules and that’s okay. Their life is still theirs, and well, yours is not going to be yours for quite a while.


4. Learn where your and your spouses strengths and weaknesses are. (This is NOT easy.) I have a friend that says her husband “does the newborn stage” better than she does, and being on baby number three themselves they have things worked out. But you have to find out and accept whose got more patience during those colicky evenings, who handles 2am wet bed sheets and blowouts best. Communication with your spouse is absolutely imperative now, it will make or break your relationship, and if you’d like to have a relationship at the end of the next 18 years, he has got to remain first in your life.

5. Which leads me to sex. Yikes, I wrote it, sex. Yes, that’s how you got into this crazy of sector of life to begin with, but remember, your husband is still going to want it. Post baby weight, leaky boobs, saggy thighs and all. Make time for him! Put some lipstick on, close your eyes and make him feel like he’s still the one. Again, easier said than done, just ask my husband. But a happier husband almost always equals an easier life for you. (ie trash taken out, help with laundry, that shelf you want put up; done…) {Mr. Dunbar is probably thinking, FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE- but I’m on baby #3, ha.}

Okay, bringing this back around...

6. Call your mom if you have questions on how to get the baby to stop crying, diaper rash, gas, earaches… any of that stuff. Mom’s know this stuff, they remember how to cure all these baby ailments. They do, and they’re a lot easier to reach then the nurse help line who will ask you 25 questions before giving you any advice at all.

7. You will never be as smart as you are today, never be as put together as this afternoon, and you will never have every second of every day to yourself for the rest of your life, but what you will have will be so, so much more. You will have a soul that was created and carried by you, eyes that will light up only to your voice because all others are foreign, and a body that will react to you alone. Did you know that your heartbeats will align whenever he/she is rested on your chest these first few days of motherhood? Incredible, is what it is.

8. Your life will forever be changed because of this little person. You will never be the same, ever. The moment they place that baby in your arms you will know how real God is, how great is His love and power because of this miracle He has allowed you to experience. You will never view joy, peace, love, or God in the same manner.

9. Of course there is reality when that “miracle” just won’t sleep, or continues to cry even though you’ve done everything you could think and you think you’re going to lose your mind, but the child will live and you will gain some amount of sanity again.

10. You will finally appreciate and understand all that your parents have done for you. My mom used to say, “ You won’t understand xyz until you are a parent yourself.” She was right. All of those sacrifices and worries that were expended because of you will live again  because of your child. They will.

Oh, and you will become your mother, yup, all those annoying things she did “for your own good”, you will do them, too.


and now for some nitty gritty…

gas drops are good

clotrimiazole cures diaper rash (yeast infection)

always pack one more outfit or burp cloth than you think you’ll need, and add 2 diapers

all of those adorable outfits that look like something off a GAP or Gucci add are junk, what will be easiest for you and baby are sleepers and soft jammies.

invest in the expensive stroller, carrier, car seat now, if you plan on having more kids. the cheap stuff won’t last.

buy some good nursing bras, and/ or nursing tanks, oh and stick with the breast feeding, its liquid gold for your baby, and even though it will hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks, it is so worth it for you and baby

invest in a good camera, your memories will fade but the pictures will keep them alive and fresh, and reord as much as possible.

when you’ve got more blow-outs than poop staying in the diaper, its time to move up a size

baths are good relaxation for both baby and mom.

everyone will tell you how to get your kid to sleep through the night, i’ve read all the books. use what sounds right to you, what you’re comfortable with don’t go crazy over. seriously.


Good luck on your journey into motherhood. Take it from one who has many little hands and hearts to care for, you will be a great mommy.


And yes, that is my belly with Baby H.


~mrs. dunbar

Friday, March 18, 2011

The days are flying by…

Is it Friday already? My, time is flying. Baby H is already 3 weeks and 3 days old. How is that possible?  If you ask my body it will tell you that is most definitely possible with the amount of fatigue that is trying to settle in. But isn’t this little face magical?  He is so sweet.

March 114b-1

Even if he is like his mom and thinks he doesn’t really need that much sleep. Can someone tell him newborns are supposed to sleep? Especially at 3am. This little one wants to party like a rock star. I’m trying to relay to him that you have to be in college to party like that. March 186-1But he just smiles at me and I give in and snuggle and chat and snuggle some more. And its glorious until 6am when the older ones want breakfast and I’m begging them to give me just 5 more minutes. I know we’ll find our groove soon. March 166-1  Each day he is growing and changing. H is such a combination of his older brothers. His eyes are just like Monkeys and his mouth and chin are Bogie’s all over again. His hair is dark, we’ll see if it stays that way. Oh and it looks curly.

Amazing how different yet similar all of my guys are. This one is his own person. March 172-1

The older guys are hanging in there. Being the troopers that they are. 

March 185b

Gorgeous little troopers. But that’s just my opinion.

~mrs. dunbar

Friday, March 11, 2011

jumpin in

this is the one i was most worried about as our lil family made the transition from four to the finale of five.

can you tell who it is with those mismatched clothes? the board shorts should give it away- he’d wear board shorts in the snow if i let him.

bogie of course.

March 128

but he’s just jumpin right in love with his baby brother. it’s amazing to see how big bogie is now. i swear he quadrupled in size while H and i were in the hospital. but that’s okay because lil man is having a birthday this weekend, he’ll be three- which means he’s really going to be grown up.

March 130

and baby H is in awe of bogie. i think he recognizes his voice as much as he recognizes mine. (and on a side note isn’t that the most incredible thing? how in tune newborns are with their mamas? i’d forgotten how that is my favorite part of this newborn stage.)

March 131 March 132

i like his socks.

 March 133 March 134

fifteen minutes later this is how i found the biggest dunbar holding the smallest. huh?

March 142

dads just parent differently from the get-go i guess. that’s probably why god created moms and dads- to cover the parenting spectrum.

and for the record my he rocks as a dad.

two nights ago, i got all the boys bathed and fed and in jammies so that i could run to target by myself. when mr. dunbar got home i handed them over and took off for a whopping 35 minutes. when i got home i could hear H screaming from the other side of  the front door. i came in and mr. dunbar was doing everything he could to console him to no avail. then he told me the other two got into a yelling match while the baby was screaming, “sorry” i told him, “ i thought everyone would just pass out.” i really did feel bad because he’d had a long day at work and who wants to come home tired and have to deal with 3 screaming kids- alone? not me. but do you know what he said? “its okay, i am the dad.” i love this guy- he’s always got the right words.

even if he does hold H with a crumpled burp cloth.

March 143

and here’s my last little clown. he was intent on being the center of each of these shots.

March 148 March 149

March 151okay, i give up.  silly guy.

i live in a zoo of men.

~mrs. dunbar