Thursday, March 24, 2011

And life goes on…

Over the past month life has remained as busy as ever. Newborn, or not, we’ve been on the move. Sort of a business as usual.

Monkey got his Kindergarten Physical. He passed hearing and vision with flying colors. Can you believe, Kindergarten??  Where has the time gone?March 191

T-Ball started with Opening Day and a game.

March 197 

March 200

This little guy slept for most of the days activities. I think he liked the hustle and bustle, while he cozily slept the day away (for once.)March 207

This guy had everyone running in every which way. He was all energy and demands, as well as giggles. March 209

March 242

March 262 

We had a small birthday celebration with family for Bogie’s 3rd birthday. Yup, the Bogster turned three. And he has let everyone know it. Although, two days before his birthday he told me he “wanted to be 5 on his birthday so he could go to Kindergarten!”March 273March 293 March 309 

 March 320

March 285

 March 321

We found some time to play hide-n-seek in the house. For all four rounds of hiding this is where Bogie went. The dirty laundry. I think it was the box concept that had him hiding. March 437

Blue got her head stuck in a bag. March 456


Auntie Marian and Auntie Rita came to visit. Auntie Marian sat down and said, “Now give me that baby.” She’ll be 100 this year. I said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Can you imagine how many babies she’s held in her lifetime?

Mr. Dunbar’s grandfather was her baby brother. This is the 4th generation of baby she’s held in her loving arms.March 368 March 369

March 370

And a few of H and I using the self-timer. My mom says you can ski off his nose.March 475

And yes I am still so exhausted. The baby has a cold that just wont give up, but once it does we are so going to get on a schedule. March 490

I still can’t believe he’s got dark hair and eyes and a dimple in his chin. March 482

I think I’ll call him Popeye.


March 449

~mrs. dunbar


Mrs. C... said...

I like Popeye! He's strong to the finsh cuz he eats his spinach - toot toot!!! Fun catch up.

Lori said...

looks like lots of fun was had by all. hope your littlest one feels more himself so you can find that groove needed to get life back to normal... ummm whatever normal is

Amber said...

Ethan said "She's 99? She looks about 55ish!" Mr. Popeye looks like he's filling out! I love the picture of him in the stroller!

Lori said...

That sleeping-in-the-carseat picture warms my heart. :)

Genn said...

I love reading your posts about life right now.
Makes me glad I am not in the newborn stage, and wanting a newborn all at the same time. What the heck? :)
I love the pic of him sleeping in the stroller too. SO sweet.
More sleep is coming your way soon girl. I can feel it. Hang in there. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that dimple in his chin!! My husband has one, but none of our kids do.

My oldest started kindergarten 3 months after my 3rd was born. I remember that crazy exhausting year well. It was a great year. Lot's of change, but exciting.

Your little one makes me want another! I'll leave that up to God.

Here's to a good night sleep. Or at the very least, a 3 hour stretch with a 20 minute feed and no poopy diaper, then right back to sleep.

Janna said...

I remember being tired for like the first 2 years of my kids' lives. But it gets better and better. Your family is beautiful. You're so blessed. And to have your great aunt to give them love and kisses! So lucky!

Jensamom23 said...

What a whirlwind life it now! Our youngest (3rd) was born in the middle of her brother's basketball season and was taken to practices and games from day 1 (actually probably day 21 or so)...she learned quickly to adapt to whatever was going on around her. Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

They are all so precious. The years fly by believe me. I feel myself trying to hold on to my 14 yr old son, because I miss those sweet baby times. This same son has a big dimple in his chin and his cheeks. They set him apart and make him extra adorable I'd say. Keep kissing and loving on your boys, cuz that's what mommies do.