Friday, March 11, 2011

jumpin in

this is the one i was most worried about as our lil family made the transition from four to the finale of five.

can you tell who it is with those mismatched clothes? the board shorts should give it away- he’d wear board shorts in the snow if i let him.

bogie of course.

March 128

but he’s just jumpin right in love with his baby brother. it’s amazing to see how big bogie is now. i swear he quadrupled in size while H and i were in the hospital. but that’s okay because lil man is having a birthday this weekend, he’ll be three- which means he’s really going to be grown up.

March 130

and baby H is in awe of bogie. i think he recognizes his voice as much as he recognizes mine. (and on a side note isn’t that the most incredible thing? how in tune newborns are with their mamas? i’d forgotten how that is my favorite part of this newborn stage.)

March 131 March 132

i like his socks.

 March 133 March 134

fifteen minutes later this is how i found the biggest dunbar holding the smallest. huh?

March 142

dads just parent differently from the get-go i guess. that’s probably why god created moms and dads- to cover the parenting spectrum.

and for the record my he rocks as a dad.

two nights ago, i got all the boys bathed and fed and in jammies so that i could run to target by myself. when mr. dunbar got home i handed them over and took off for a whopping 35 minutes. when i got home i could hear H screaming from the other side of  the front door. i came in and mr. dunbar was doing everything he could to console him to no avail. then he told me the other two got into a yelling match while the baby was screaming, “sorry” i told him, “ i thought everyone would just pass out.” i really did feel bad because he’d had a long day at work and who wants to come home tired and have to deal with 3 screaming kids- alone? not me. but do you know what he said? “its okay, i am the dad.” i love this guy- he’s always got the right words.

even if he does hold H with a crumpled burp cloth.

March 143

and here’s my last little clown. he was intent on being the center of each of these shots.

March 148 March 149

March 151okay, i give up.  silly guy.

i live in a zoo of men.

~mrs. dunbar


jen@odbt said...

This brings back memories. I remember having to change the older sibling's diaper when I had a newborn and're too big for diapers!

Your hubby sounds just like mine -- nothing fazes him and he seems to have it under control. Have a great weekend!

Genn said...

You and your husband seem to make a really great team.

This was a cute post. I love the way newborns look so comfy sleeping on their parents. :)

Cathy said...

the tired look in mr. d's eyes says it all! great happy for your Target trip (it really IS the little things). xoxo

Unknown said...

I love my Target outings. They're just what the Dr. ordered. :) It is too sweet to see the way your boys are all interacting to the newest addition. Makes me want to have another one, but not for another year or so.

Lori said...

got to love looking at the differences between all the men in your house. glad you got a bit of time out alone, that is always needed

Jensamom23 said...

Your husband's comment upon you return from Target is so wonderful! Sounds like a great guy and your zoo of men is priceless.

Mrs. C... said...

Sweet, sweet. Savor the 35 minutes....they are few and far between!

Unknown said...

Wow very sweet baby and cute smile cute pose and funny movements images I think all over is too good.

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Janna said...

Awww, this post just made me smile. Your boys are so sweet I could eat them up!