Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Close Out of 09

I don't know about you but I am ready for this year to be over.
Yup. '09 was not my favorite year of any.
So I am looking forward to 2010.
I think I'll pronounce it "twenty-ten."

I like the way that sounds. Already have my Resolutions and Goals swirling around in my head, haven't exactly narrowed my "word" for the year yet, but that should be decided upon soon. Mr. Dunbar and I will have our annual Goal Setting meeting soon, probably this weekend. Some years this meeting has been fun, some years this meeting has turned into disaster, but all years it put's us back on the same page. Which is kind of important in a marriage. I like that, being on the same page with the same goals as Mr. Dunbar. I'm thinking we may even include Monkey in a few of the goals we have for him. Perhaps one or two, he's turning into such a big boy. I don't really like it, but such is life, one day he will be a man leading his own family. sigh...
Will you set out and write some goals or resolutions? With your husband? Your family?
Maybe I'll even write them out in a new way this year instead of my typical list format. If I was creative I'd make a "rap song" out of them. Ha. Not really, just checking to see if you were still reading. Perhaps I'll put them on these and then put them in a glass hurricane or a cloche or something. Who knows. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, December 28, 2009

They had a pig

Two of them actually.
Down south we went today, well south to us, to visit some of Mr. Dunbar's cousins' family home. I've been to this home a few times but have never gotten the experience we had today. Auntie Ri set up her home for us to enjoy all the aspects of her animals.
This is Guido, one of the pot belly pigs.

Bogie is checking out the bunnies. Didn't get a picture of them though.

But I got a picture of the rats!! What was I thinking??? I hate rodents. They have a fort for the boys to play with.

All eight of us Dunbar's. Do you see my hooligans? Everyone is watching Wonder Pet Zim do tricks off the diving board.

"Yeah, that's MY dog." Cousin Liam is almost 7 months old.
We took a hike out behind their home.
And managed to make it back.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One last look...

We had a wonderful holiday. The boys were ecstatic that Santa came and dropped off gifts. They have been playing non-stop with all of their new loot. (Especially the Leapster2 and the Dyson vacuum cleaner.)
I've managed to put all of the Christmas decor away and clean out drawers and closets, under beds and anywhere else I have to put their things. Goodwill bags are packed, giveaway bags are packed, and storage stuff is ready to be set in the garage. Whew!
We've got one more round of holiday celebrations now, as Mr. Dunbar's brother and family have arrived.
Hoping you all had a good Christmas and are enjoying eachother and your new things.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope your holiday is filled with peace, love, and joy that only He can bring.

I'm signing off now for a few days.
Got some activities planned, a favorite book of mine to finish (Little Women),
and some memories to make.

Mucho abrazos!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The weekend before Christmas- Part II

My closest girlfriends had some nice laughs and chat time on Sunday evening at my house. It was just a small "girls night in." Simple. Everyone brought something sweet or salty to share and an ornament to exchange. These girls brought some tasty treats! (And Brad lived up to his reputation.)

Mostly the conversation was consumed with topics of potty training, giving birth, and silly things said by wee ones. Everyone giggled and shared, it was fun.

Steph was just glad to be out.
Kim was on the search for new cookie recipes, as requested by her husband. Megan was the newbie but fit right in... something about having been a teacher and being a mom of two just beckoned her.

Jamie just finished her first session of graduate school and was celebrating with brand new Hudsons. Erin is about to embark on more school.

So serious, but some of the ornaments were stolen quite a few times.
This was the second night in a row Ali came out,
I don't think her husband is my biggest fan right now.

Kim said she even baked cookies with her kids. I still don't believe it.

Steph and I.
I desperately need to get my hair done.
(Why do stylists have to have babies?)

Ummm, Casey you closed your eyes in all of my pics. And Katie you seemed to have avoided the camera. Not exactly sure how that happened.
And next time, I'm getting a group shot.
It was a hoot. I'll have to put something together again soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The weekend before Christmas- Part I

The Tamale Factory
We got together and made tamales on Saturday. This is no easy task let me tell you. It is an old school process. A complete and total labor intensive task. If I could tell you all of the steps that go into making them I would. But I don't. Sorry.
Each one of these corn husks had to be washed and pulled apart.
This is the woman in charge, 76 year old, Grandma Josie.
A little of this helped make manual labor easier.

The hostess, Mom.
The assembly line.

These next two were serious workers.

Auntie Inez

A few of my friends came to take part in the action.

Sorry Erica, here's your pic. She is my sister-in-law.

Here's her little guy and my little guy. Playing while all the mom's are working. Well, okay; checking each other out. These guys are 6 months apart.
This is what the dad's were doing.

Finally edging towards the end of the pot.

Can you see the steam rising off those things? YUM!!

And the clean-up with a little caffeine help.

This was hard work.

All in all I think we made a few hundred tamales. Everyone got to take some home, there's enough left over for Christmas day. It was a good day; full of fun and good old-fashioned HARD WORK.

Thanks Mom!!