Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The weekend before Christmas- Part II

My closest girlfriends had some nice laughs and chat time on Sunday evening at my house. It was just a small "girls night in." Simple. Everyone brought something sweet or salty to share and an ornament to exchange. These girls brought some tasty treats! (And Brad lived up to his reputation.)

Mostly the conversation was consumed with topics of potty training, giving birth, and silly things said by wee ones. Everyone giggled and shared, it was fun.

Steph was just glad to be out.
Kim was on the search for new cookie recipes, as requested by her husband. Megan was the newbie but fit right in... something about having been a teacher and being a mom of two just beckoned her.

Jamie just finished her first session of graduate school and was celebrating with brand new Hudsons. Erin is about to embark on more school.

So serious, but some of the ornaments were stolen quite a few times.
This was the second night in a row Ali came out,
I don't think her husband is my biggest fan right now.

Kim said she even baked cookies with her kids. I still don't believe it.

Steph and I.
I desperately need to get my hair done.
(Why do stylists have to have babies?)

Ummm, Casey you closed your eyes in all of my pics. And Katie you seemed to have avoided the camera. Not exactly sure how that happened.
And next time, I'm getting a group shot.
It was a hoot. I'll have to put something together again soon.


Anonymous said...

looks fun! and you look great! xo

jen@odbt said...

good times. i'm going to have to do this next year with my friends.

Anonymous said...

It was a blast :) I can't wait till our next gathering! You are a great hostess & friend :)

Genn said...

sounds like a perfect get together with girlfriends!

Funny bit about stylists having babies too... :) I'm sure my clients hated me when I told them I was going on maternity leave, again.

patty said...

looks like a wonderful time... glad you set aside time to enjoy your friendships!

Kristi said...

What a great way to spend girl's night! Great pictures too!

I was checking out your tamales on your prior post, boy do those look good! You captured some really good shots, I think my favorite is of the one that looks like it might be your Mom, with her hand wiping her head! Classic!

Martha said...

So glad you had a great girls night...sounds so fun!!!

Cathy said...

I'm glad to see Erin is alive and well! (grin) What fun--we women needs those times together so much. Yeah to you for making it happen (and not making anyone buy anything, eg "come to my jewelry party and buy so that I can get a free necklace")!

Nancy said...

Girls nights are great. What a fun night you had. My friends from highschool do something similar around Christmas time. It is fun to get together and we brought old photo albums of us from (gulp..) 20 years ago! Yikes..... THat was hard to write.

Jill said...

What a fun night!!!...and you look adorable!:)
Merry Christmas!