Thursday, December 17, 2009

O Happy Day....Happy Things

I received this award a few weeks ago from The Goat and the Kid and 2Coolformyminivan.
(Which are two awesome blogs.)

It's taken me forever to figure out only ten things that make me happy. But I tried...

10: My boys lounging on the new rug in my living room. 9: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.
These are divine, like total and utter bliss.

8: Travelling. This trip was our Honeymoon in St. Lucia.
Quad excursion through the rainforest and on to a beach and back to our resort.

7: Our trip to the Hot Air Balloon Festival each year.

6: Ugg boots. Love em. Love em. Live in them.

These are my latest pair.

5. My Canon DSLR. Okay, and my mom, too.
4: Target. Any day. Every day. I just love perusing all of my different Target hotspots.

3: When my boys do funny things.

Bogie was bound and determined to fit in the Zingo box.

2:Girlfriends who make me laugh and call me from Target to see if I want them to pick something up for me.

And you knew Numero Uno was going to be Mr. Dunbar, didn't you?

Okay, and here are a few blogs that I am awarding this to because they make me happy:

Breathless Expectation
Our Daily Big Top
Blessed Moon

Butterflies and Dragonflies


jen@odbt said...

Congrats - well deserved friend! Thanks for the the shout out. I share your love for Target and girlfriends. Nice shot of the boys and Mr D ;)

Jules said...

I love Target too......

cathy said...

You make me happy, too! I'm going to have to think for awhile because Uggs, Target, Canon, Girlfriends calling from stores, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are now old news :)

Lori said...

Super cute post! I love these kinds of lists - you can learn a lot about someone. :) Have a great day!

patty said...

oh! thank you so much!! :)
{i have to figure out how to add those awards to my sidebar... any advise?}
love your list... the photo of bogie in the box... the balloons... and why, yes, that one of mr. dunbar too-made me laugh!! :)
you have such a sweet, happy personality-and so, are so deserving of this award!!

Martha said...

Okay so...I loved every single one of these on there...and LOVE the fact that you love Target too...and really girlfriends that pick stuff up from you:)!!!! Laugh out loud at your son in the box and the picture of your that pic of your boys on the rug know the funnier part is the fact that I didn't know I got the reward until I read your post two times because I loved it so much...I'll have to work on this tonight:)

Genn said...

Love your new rug!
Love your Uggs! Love my Uggs!
Love Target!

Love that last pic of your husband. Funny. I bet he loved that shot. :)

Happy Friday.

whittakerwoman said...

So great to see you! Sorry i was a mess! Such an overwhelming day! H

Anonymous said...

The last shot of your hubby is classic! You would laugh, I tried on Uggs the other day & they looked like boats on my extra large feet. So sad, because they are adorable :)