Saturday, October 29, 2011

these days…

if I had a photo dump for you, these pictures would be included.

IMG_3032                    IMG_3051

IMG_3085   IMG_3116IMG_3159    IMG_3215

IMG_3230   IMG_3237   IMG_3240

1. baby splashing

2. big boy eyelashes- to die for

3. moving nap time to floor

4. farmer day

5. concentration

6. hair done

7. corner church trunk-n-treat

8. ninja turtle

9. pharaoh's kingdom


Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Patch

We made the trek to the small church Pumpkin Patch near our house this past weekend. If you think trying to get 2 kids to look at the camera is hard try getting 3, its darn near impossible. I am going to start prepping my boys from here on out, “If you smile and get the good pictures mommy wants at the beginning then I’ll stop bugging you and you can go play.”

Anyhow here they are.


IMG_2848 - CopyIMG_2850 - CopyIMG_2851 - CopyIMG_2862 - CopyIMG_2943IMG_2879 - Copy

IMG_2888 - Copy


This one is getting printed. IMG_2889.

Most of Popeye’s shots looked like this. “Tell that lady to get the camera out of my face!”IMG_2897

Do my kids just look so happy? And how about the Hawaiian shirt theme for the pumpkin patch?  Seriously, Mr. Weather Man please deliver some cool weather soon. IMG_2925IMG_2927

~mrs. dunbar

Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 Things of Dunbar Boy Happenings This Week

As always my life revolves around these 3 guys. So here are 5 happenings from our week.

1. Trying to get some decent shots of this guy. Never happens.IMG_2746

2. It’s fall. That means football.IMG_2814

3. Mr. Larry, our neighbor, pulled Monkey’s first tooth out. It was hanging on by a thread. This is the reenactment, and his hands were clean. The Tooth Fairy brought $5. Is that fair?IMG_2821

4. I slammed Bogie’s fingers in the car door. We were dropping him off at pre-school. I thought they were broken and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at them. I grabbed the baby and Bogie and headed straight for the Preschool office. Thank goodness those ladies were not even fazed and had lots of words of encouragement for me. Fingers are fine. IMG_2689

5. A nice surprise arrived in the mail. A card from the Northern Cousins. My boys love to get mail. Absolutely love it.


Now you’re all caught up.

Have a good weekend.

~mrs. dunbar

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Dad’s do Dinner

The other night I asked Mr. Dunbar to help me put dinner together. I told him it was pretty simple, the directions were on the counter.


Easy Peasy.

A pizza crust, some provolone, a little parmesan, salami, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes.


Then bake.


He did a great job. Came out perfect.


I got out some veggies. Chopped them up for a salad. Made the pizza dipping sauce. Served it all up.


Monkey say’s, “Dad, you make the BEST stromboli ever. Papa makes the best cookies.”


Ummm, excuse me?  Mom did all of the work. Oh and Papa’s cookies? Yeah, those are all Pillsbury.


The boys have asked for Stromboli twice since then. They want it in their lunch. They want it for dinner tomorrow. If anything, I think I found a new go to dinner, that even Mr. Dunbar can handle.

Do you have a go-to dinner? Do share. 

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, October 17, 2011

Snippets of Time

Along with a blogging break, I seemed to have taken a break from taking pictures as well. But I did find these shots on my camera from a few weeks ago. All three boys, on my bed, in their jammies. Doing what they do best; laughing and wrestling.


And though most of the shots are a bit blurry or someone’s head is cut off in most of them, they just made me smile this morning. {sigh} Smile and think.

When I drop Monkey off at school in the morning I see all of the “big kids” heading off to their days without a Mom at the gate saying “I love you.” Instead I see them with cell phones texting who knows what, to who knows who. And it just reminds me, these days are limited. My walks up to the gate-numbered. All three boys having a good time in my room- circumscribed.  These are fleeting moments. I have to consciously tell myself to enjoy the moment, stay in the moment and relish it because so often I am doing laundry, or getting lunches packed, or making sure that homework is signed or the Share Bag is ready to go. Along with checking the weather channel and the online banking site, and the ever progressing to-do list for the next day just grows and grows.  But then, every once in a while, I remember to grab the camera while the boys are doing just what boys do. Laughing, Wrestling, Reading, Jumping.097

And these two?  These two are joined practically every waking moment. The big brother, the caretaker, guider, protector. And the littlest brother always the student. They are so close even at this young age. When Bogie gets up the first thing he does is check on his baby brother. I love to hear their sounds coming from the nursery.

106 112

And then I pray. Pray that they will always find time for each other. Pray that they will always put the other first, above friends and girlfriends. (Wives will one day take the number one spot.) Pray that the protector, my Lion Heart will always look first before leaping because his little brother is watching. Pray that my Leader will honor all that God has gifted him with, and that he will find the strength that I know is growing inside of him. Pray that my Baby will grow into a man with integrity who is not afraid of responsibility. 114115116

And the weight of it all seems so heavy because I want the best for each of them. And I turn to Mr. Dunbar and he smiles and tells me to “Relax. To enjoy them, enjoy the day. That they will be boys.”  I want to just throw my feet up in the air.


But then someone toots, or calls out a Potty Name and my work begins again. And I think, “God you must have some divine plan for these hooligans or a great sense of humor entrusting these smelly creatures to me. But I’ll take it, each and every moment with them. I’ll take it.”


‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

~mrs. dunbar

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Costume and an Update

Any guesses what this little guy is going to be for Halloween?


If you guess correctly it might just be worth something sweet.

And after weeks of computer drama… I think I just may be back up to par with blogging.

New computer: check

All set up: check

Photoshop loaded: check

All other programs loaded: check

Only took a few weeks time, interviews to one brother about his computer, a trip to my other brother’s house for computer set-up, multiple phone calls to him during work hours, and hours of Mr. Dunbar setting up all of my favorite programs.

Anyway…hopefully this is it.

And back to that cutie pie up there, isn’t he cute? Any guesses what he’s going to be?

~mrs. dunbar