Saturday, October 29, 2011

these days…

if I had a photo dump for you, these pictures would be included.

IMG_3032                    IMG_3051

IMG_3085   IMG_3116IMG_3159    IMG_3215

IMG_3230   IMG_3237   IMG_3240

1. baby splashing

2. big boy eyelashes- to die for

3. moving nap time to floor

4. farmer day

5. concentration

6. hair done

7. corner church trunk-n-treat

8. ninja turtle

9. pharaoh's kingdom



Genn said...

Those are some CAAA-UUU-te ninja turtles!

And cute hair done picture. I approve. ;)

Lisa said...

Hi ! Thanks so much for checking in. Last time I left you you had TWO boys! Now I see you've added a sweet little hot dog. :)

You wonderful, as always, and it looks like you are living a dream...your dream.