Monday, March 26, 2012

A day on the farm

Kindergarten went to the farm last Friday. For a lot of the kids it was the first time they had ever seen a real live working farm and it was the first time they got to ride the bus. It’s a toss up which was more fun.


Our Farmer Guide. She was really funny and engaging. IMG_9632IMG_9637IMG_9638IMG_9640IMG_9642

IMG_9658Grandma TinaIMG_9643IMG_9650IMG_9652IMG_9666IMG_9669IMG_9674IMG_9678IMG_9679IMG_9681IMG_9680IMG_9683IMG_9684

Brushing the horse. He was a little finicky and would head butt if you brushed on the other side.



Milking the cow. Yuck.


I thought this was interesting. IMG_9707IMG_9721IMG_9723IMG_9725

Frozen yogurt at the end of the day with friends. All girls. He didn’t even notice, he said,
“Mom, they’re my friends.” “Good,” I told him. IMG_9730IMG_9735IMG_9737

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothing to say…

I feel like I’ve got nothing to say these days. I take kids to school, run errands, pick kids up from school, take them to practices, make dinner, bathe the kids put them to bed and pretty much pass out. Day in. Day out. Nothing spectacular, just life.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about my life one bit. I get to snuggle with my teething baby at 3:30am because he is teething and not worry about having bags under my eyes when I go to work. I get to shop at Target at 9am when pretty much the only other people in the store are other moms with little kids and grandmas who make silly faces at your little ones. These are the things I enjoy and treasure because I know it will not always be this way.

Okay, enough ranting… here are some pictures.

The Birthday Boy last week got a new bike.


He was yelling at me yesterday to take his training wheels off. That’s a job for daddy, I told him. I don’t chase kids with bikes and I don’t teach boys to drive. Those are daddy jobs.


This guy discovered the trampoline.IMG_9465

And playing in bubble mix, even without making bubbles.IMG_9495

And we played peek-a-boo at the library through the DVD section. Did you know the library has DVD’s?


And they like to watch books on tape or video, its touch screen. IMG_9530

He likes to peek at you this way. IMG_9539

Bogie had a friend over to play. They were laughing and having a grand ole’ time, so I let them be. Until I discovered his room looked like this.


When it was clean up time his friend said, “Cool. This is just like my chores at home!” I thought that was hilarious. My boys will soon be learning “chores” also. Did you chores growing up? I did.


And dinner one night this week. Homemade pizza.


It was really good. I made the dough in the morning, the sauce at lunch time and let it bake away while the boys were in the bathtub.


I guess I had more to say than I thought.

Have a good one.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Birthday EVER

Well, Bogie had a really good day. His friends at school had  a really nice celebration for him. They sang  “Happy birthday” and shared in his blue frosted cookies and juice boxes. This what he looked like the whole time they were singing to him. It was hilarious.


He finally smiled afterward.IMG_9239

Somebody buddied right up to him for the cookie. IMG_9240

And everyone else crowded around to pet the baby.IMG_9241

In the afternoon, once Mr. Dunbar got home we headed to the pizza place that is all the humma humma indoor playland around here.

Bogie’s balloon crown, because he was the birthday boy.IMG_9248IMG_9254IMG_9256IMG_9258 

There were lots of shooting games. IMG_9259IMG_9263IMG_9266IMG_9394IMG_9393IMG_9268

These guys were strategizing on how to get the most tickets. ie 3 people shoot hoops on a 1 person game.


Big money, big money!


If there is one thing that the Salinas’s do really well. It is share. IMG_9314IMG_9315

Even if it is soda, that your mom doesn’t let you have. And germs that she doesn’t even want to think about.IMG_9316IMG_9320IMG_9322IMG_9325IMG_9326IMG_9339IMG_9340IMG_9341IMG_9356IMG_9361

When you are four, indoor roller coasters are the best thing since Pull Ups. IMG_9369IMG_9387IMG_9397


All in all, a very good day for a very special Bogie.