Thursday, March 1, 2012

In which I include all things random

Because it’s the beginning of March and because I haven’t taken one single picture since the birthday party, I thought I’d include a few randoms from the past month.

1. Still making the Mr. breakfast burritos. This time I made them with chorizo beans. Oh my.  I love chorizo beans but since I had to use every last spoonful of the beans to make 9 burritos I didn’t get one. Not one serving. So bummed.


2. With a few days of warm weather this past month these guys decided to create art with sidewalk chalk. “Art” is a loose  "{and very generous} term. It’s all in the interpretation. I interpreted it as “mess” but we won’t tell these guys.


3. Love a fully stocked fridge with lots of greens. Just makes you feel healthy. And we did pretty good, ate 95% of it. IMG_8407

4. Somebody is on the brink of walking. He’s getting his See Legs ready, once he sees something he wants he stands, thinks about it, and then buckles back to his knees to crawl over to it and then stand back up. IMG_8427IMG_8428

5. Our neighbors brought us a 25 pound bag of oranges from a relatives orange grove. Divine. What we didn’t eat straight out, we juiced the old fashioned way. Meaning I squeezed into a glass.


Such is life. And what a good life it is.


Cathy said...

love the random. never heard of the beans! do teach :) xoxo

Gabe said...

That one of your baby. . .priceless!

Life is good, isn't it!

Nicolle said...

Life is good, yes it is.

I want to know about the chorizo beans too. We love chorizo, and we love beans.

Sweet pictures of your baby boy!

Lori said...

randomness is always fun. watch out your littlest one will be off and running with his brothers before you know it

Heather said...

I can smell the orange juice just looking at that picture. Your baby is so stinkin' cute!

Jensamom23 said...

Yum! The burritos sound yummy and the oranges are wonderful! What fun to have a toddler walking...seems like just yesteday my 17 year old looked like that. Sniff sniff.....

SZM said...

Random posts are the bomb!

♥ Helen said...

Beautiful randoms :)