Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections 2010

I’ve always loved this quote.

Be the change you want to see in this world. ~Ghandi.

Reflections on 2010:

I’ve learned:

That I love my husband more today than I did seven years ago. Back then I thought I could make him into the man I wanted him to be, today he is more than the man I could have ever dreamed up. 1127 094

I can plan life all I want, but God is seriously in control and His plans don’t always match mine.  IMG_5088

I can’t make my kids into the kids I envisioned them to be, they are who they are, personalities, traits, bodies and minds. God created them, not me, and its my job to mold them and teach them and love them the best I can with what I know and when I don’t I need to find unbiased educated resources to help. IMG_5027IMG_5009

I’ve learned that what you see on the outside is not necessarily what is going on on the inside. You have to invest in people with your time, your heart, and your efforts. Sometimes your money, too. How you spend your time and your money, says more about you than your words.

Keeping your mouth closed more than open is a good thing. It dissipates drama and gossip and hurt. And that’s among the adults. For my kids, by listening I’ve learned that I no longer have two babies, I have a Pre-pre-schooler and kid. Like a true kid. All of those baby rolls and chubby parts are gone. All of those babbling words and baby snuggles have been washed away. What’s left in his place is a child who is seeing parts of the world that went unnoticed 6 months ago; bullying, how far the mall or Chuck E. Cheese is from our house, saving money for a big ticket item, or the fact that our family dynamic is going to change drastically have all been verbalized thoughts that have come out of Monkey’s mouth recently. xmas 2010 072 

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Say what you mean and mean what you say-KINDLY.  Kids pick up on your cues very quickly. IMG_3722

I’ve learned how to go without. My “without” may be much different than others, I know. I started to list what I went without, but then quickly deleted it, because what I did get was much more important and valuable then what I did not.IMG_5244

I’ve learned this year what I want to be like this upcoming year, in 10 years, in 20 years, and if I make it; 60 years.  I’ve seen more of what I don’t want to be in this world than what I do want to be. How sad is that? 

I’ve learned that mumbling, grumbling, complaining adults are worse than mumbling, grumbling, complaining kids. Get over it. It’s a choice.xmas 2010 024b

I am the only one who can create the environment I want for my own home. And I have a LONG way to go  and a lot to work on,  to make “home” the place I’d always want to be. Home being a place I want my kids to always feel comfortable coming back to, a place where I will be, but most assuredly I tell you its their dad they’ll always want to come home to.  IMG_5291 

A quality life is chosen each day.

Can’t wait for 2011!

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, December 27, 2010

And to all a Good Night

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas celebration started with church on Christmas Eve. It was the first Christmas in our new building so that was pretty exciting. Sandals (our church) had sent out 25,000 flyers inviting the local neighborhoods to our celebration, and boy did people show up. The sanctuary was filled, as was the overflow. So people were sitting in the lobbies and the children’s classrooms. We got there early so we actually got seats.xmas 2010 391 

After church it was time to celebrate with Mr. Dunbar’s family. I’ve mentioned before that this is the best party of the year, held at Auntie Marian’s house with lots of extended cousins. There is always great food, playing, and then Santa. xmas 2010 392 copy xmas 2010 397 copy xmas 2010 399 xmas 2010 404 xmas 2010 405 xmas 2010 413 copy xmas 2010 426 copy xmas 2010 428 copy

After Santa left, all of the kids got into their Christmas jammies.xmas 2010 439 xmas 2010 445 copyCopy of xmas 2010 456 copy xmas 2010 449 copy xmas 2010 452 copy  Copy of xmas 2010 453 copyCopy of xmas 2010 451 copy

And the morning of Christmas at our house we had an early riser- who changed into his clothes and out of his Christmas pj’s just in case I told him we needed to get dressed first. He’s proactive, which is a good thing, unless Mommy wanted pictures with Christmas pj’s.xmas 2010 462 xmas 2010 463 xmas 2010 466 xmas 2010 467 xmas 2010 482xmas 2010 473b xmas 2010 477 xmas 2010 478  xmas 2010 487 xmas 2010 491 xmas 2010 494 xmas 2010 497

After opening gifts under the tree and having breakfast the boys were given their big gift from the Dunbar Grandparents.

A Wii.xmas 2010 507 xmas 2010 522  xmas 2010 525

This is going to be my new thing so that my boys know I was present in their lives.

“Hi Guys!!”xmas 2010 534 copyxmas 2010 537 copy xmas 2010 531 copy

xmas 2010 542

After gifts and breakfast at our house it was off to the Gramma and Papa’s house. My parents, of course, thought it would be funny to set up a toll to get our presents. Each family was suppose to sing a Christmas Carol before they could receive gifts. Monkey stole the show by singing a solo.

 xmas 2010 565 xmas 2010 566

    xmas 2010 569 xmas 2010 570 xmas 2010 572 

Here the boys got all of the games and accessories for the Wii.xmas 2010 576xmas 2010 574

And a belly shot in the window. It just didn’t work out so well. xmas 2010 591 xmas 2010 587

Sunday it was back to the Dunbar’s to open more gifts. xmas 2010 613

The cousins got this video system and of course Monkey had to try it out. xmas 2010 596

These two got along great…

xmas 2010 594

these two, not so much.xmas 2010 600xmas 2010 609xmas 2010 612

And what Christmas wouldn’t be complete without swimming in your underwear?Copy of xmas 2010 655Copy of xmas 2010 653xmas 2010 651 copyxmas 2010 652 copy 

         xmas 2010 666 xmas 2010 669 copy xmas 2010 659b copy

The End.

~mrs. dunbar