Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Saw Santa

There is something about the magic of Christmas for a child. Whether its the anticipation, dreaming of what’s in store, the wondering and guessing of what fills those brightly colored packages, or the festive outings and activities; its all enchanting for a child.

The fascination is in full swing for Monkey; the concept is clicking this year because he’s five and he understands the wonderment of the season. Of course he’s getting consumed with lots of “gimmies”, and for that we have to wheel him in. But isn’t that part of human nature?

Another little somebody could care less about any of the holiday wonderment, besides the lights. That big guy in the red suit was just another Stranger and boy, did Bogie let everyone know it. He stood and watched and refused to get any closer for a few minutes. Monkey just dwindled off his foot long list of “wants.”xmas 2010 161I got Bogie in close enough for a 2010 Photo with Santa but he didn’t want to sit or stand next to him, only next to Brother. xmas 2010 159c

Finally, after being persuaded to at least share what he wants for Christmas, Bogie marched as close as he was willing to go, very loudly stated, “I want Trio Blocks and a blue Spiderman!”xmas 2010 169

“Did you get that?!?” (Said Bogie, not Santa.)xmas 2010 170

“Sure did,” replied Santa.xmas 2010 171

And that’s basically where the Santa Saga ends in the Dunbar home.

The trip was fun and most definitely memorable.

Truly, the reason we are celebrating is for the Savior.

Wonderful Counselor,

Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.

xmas 2010 212 copy

Is Santa incorporated  in your Christmas?

~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

I did a new post last night titled the exact same thing. We saw Santa too. The girls didn't cry like last year, but were pretty timid. Your pictures of it are great. So funny of Bogie, looks like he is shouting what he wants from as far away as possible. Cute!

Julie McCoy said...

Those are adorable pictures!

Lori said...

Looks like a great Santa. I thought maybe we'd have a shy one this year, but nope. I love Bogie expression in the Santa photo, but at least he spoke to him?

Michelle said...

We definately celebrate the season and all that comes with it. The boys have been raised knowing Jesus is the reason for our season, but also the spirit/history of Christmas as well. I love the pic of Bogie standing next to his brother....priceless.

jen@odbt said...

He looks like an amazing and kind Santa (there are some wacky ones out there). I love all the pics and remember what it was like to have kids who were suspicious of the guy in the red coat. I love that Bogie yelled out what he wanted from a distance :)

Mrs. C... said...

Ah, the great Santa debate, to play the game or not to play the game.....that is the question. Here in Calhounland, we have played the game well. Sure there are stockings, sure there are the carvings that my dad has lovingly done for us, but if you look around....there is more nativity sets than Santa stuff. This year we had the "talk" with Bubba. He said he got it, but also when we talked we discussed the first St. Nick who modeled life after the Magi. He gave gifts of love and gave them to people who needed it. He said he got it, and that he understood that Santa can be just as loving and an example as the Magi. Smart kid, with a little guidance. I can't say that I regret playing the game with him, and still with Missy. Afterall Mama said "Play the game, and you get the gifts!" Missy still doesn't get near the man either - way to go Bogie!

{cindy} said...

Oh my goodness that is so cute!
Great memories you captured beautifully in those photos!
We are visiting Santa today....wonder how that will be??
Enjoy the day

Cathy said...

Bogie cracks me up! You always capture the moments perfectly. Yes, we incorporated Santa without dwelling on him...tried to put the emphasis on Jesus.

Martha said...

we do incorporate Santa too:)
and I love that Bogie said from a distance...and so glad you caught that on camera!!! so cute

Megan said...

Wow, that is a really good Santa! Yes, we add Santa in, but try to keep the focus on Christ. My husband didn't grow up with Santa, so it is fun for him to do it for the kids. My daughter did learn the 'truth' a few weeks ago, but she still wants in on the fun!

Lori said...

Yep, he is. In a small way, but still there. We've got some great Zondervan children's book about Christmas that I adore, they are by Crystal Bowman.

I also really liked this article -

Merry, merry!