Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brinca Brinca

Jump Jump.

I know I’ve said it before but these two have such a good bond. They play well together, Bogie is super kind and thoughtful when it comes the Chunk, and Chunk just laughs and laughs when Bogie is around.  IMG_0945

(Can you just see Chunk saying, “Okay Mom, can you get this guy off my trampoline?)IMG_0946

Bogie got off the trampoline alright, and ran straight for the camera.IMG_0954IMG_0956

Move it or lose it Buddy!IMG_0957IMG_0963IMG_0961IMG_0968IMG_0964

And when I looked around to find Bogie, this is what he was doing.  IMG_0977

Oh, Brother.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Remembered

Yesterday morning we headed up to some of our friends’ house. Of course we were armed with donuts, most of which were sprinkled in red, white, and blue.IMG_0986They live right around the block from an annual Memorial Day Ride in our little city. So after we stuffed our faces with some good coffee, breakfast goodies, and fruit we walked right on over to catch the ride. Bogie of course, took his donut with him.IMG_0993IMG_0994

Popular haircut?IMG_0996IMG_0998IMG_1003IMG_1001IMG_1007And then the ride began. Nearly 50 minutes of Harley Davidson’s cruisin along with American Flags and arms waving high.IMG_1012IMG_1013IMG_1016IMG_1018IMG_1023IMG_1035

Bogie wanted to wave the big flag so he just made himself at home. IMG_1044

It was a lot of fun and we were home in time for the Chunk to take his nap.

Thanks for inviting us Valenti’s.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You


For all of the Veterans, Soldiers, and Family Members of our Armed Forces.

Thank you for your sacrifice.


The Dunbars

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just in case…

you were looking for the fridge magnets, they’re in the toaster. IMG_0712

Some creative little fingers were hard at work, I think I pulled out 12 of those magnets. IMG_0713Silly silly boy.

And I just heard Bogie scream at Monkey, “You can’t joke with the little people!!”

Monday, May 21, 2012

What rhymes with orange?

I don’t know.

Is there a word that rhymes with orange now?

This past weekend we added “orange” to our color repertoire.


Do you see a future black belt here?  He looked like he was going to kill someone. But the boy was on Cloud Nine if there ever was one.  IMG_0738

Seriously, he would not smile. IMG_0739


My sweet sweet boy is getting so big. IMG_0742

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Little Mail

We like to send mail to our far away cousins. So when I read on Pinterest of all the neat things you could send through that blue box I was on the lookout for something fun for a surprise. Well of course we found them in the Dollar Spot at Target.


My partner and I walked right up to the post man and asked how much postage we needed to mail these. The post lady (actually) thought we were nuts and went to got ask if these could indeed be mailed.




Yup. They were a go and for $1.95 each they were on their way. IMG_0587

Cousins just called and said that they received them.

Snail mail sure can be fun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Perfect Mother’s Day

As always in the Dunbar home… a little snippet of keeping it real from Mother’s Day.

IMG_0646Someone was calling “MooooOOOOOMMMMM” from the crib at 5am. Someone else threw a bag at my face with a muffin baked probably a week ago, while I was still in bed. Another someone was pleading from the toilet for “Someone to wipe him.” Mr. Dunbar did relieve me of baby duty and let me sleep for an extra half hour,  in which he did go get Starbucks. When I got up, the Nordstrom bag was waiting for me on the chair, with the running shoes I had requested, receipt and all. Since I slept in so late there was no time to wash and dry my hair so I threw it back into a pony as we headed to church. My mom and dad and MIL were in attendance and afterward we had a nice lunch at BJ’s while someone was always chasing the Chunk. Since it was a special occasion we had a pizzookie; sugar overload for my boys. All I wanted was a nap when we got home but everyone insisted on bouncing off the walls in their rooms. No naps were had by anyone so we decided to go on a bike ride. Bogie hit a rock and fell on the way back home. My plans of no dishes, no laundry, no floors were kicked to the curb by 5pm. If I didn’t start now, I’d only pay for it later. At 7pm Mr. Dunbar and I put on a movie, (original Karate Kid… a real chick flick) so I could somewhat relax while folding laundry. The Joy.

IMG_0670Every day is Mother’s Day. Every day someone is calling me, tugging on me, needing me in some way for some reason. So while it wasn’t an ideal Mother’s Day, it was a day for me to reflect on these boys of mine that have made me a mom; each of them with their little quirks and smirks make me laugh and drive me crazy. And I know some day I’ll get the day off to go shopping or actually get to sleep in. For now I’ll take the craziness that consumes our days.


My Mother’s Day may have not been the Hallmark movie that we all envision, we are actually more like the Comedy Channel around here, but it was in fact perfect. Dunbar Style.

Friday, May 11, 2012

For Mother’s Day


Even when they’re sad, or in trouble…


Even when they do things they aren’t supposed to do…


and then smile about it.


Even when they go head-first into the wrong direction…


Remember that this is your life’s greatest work and this is the world’s hardest job. But God entrusted them to you.


Trying to swallow my own advice today, but most definitely wishing you a love–filled Mother’s Day.