Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brinca Brinca

Jump Jump.

I know I’ve said it before but these two have such a good bond. They play well together, Bogie is super kind and thoughtful when it comes the Chunk, and Chunk just laughs and laughs when Bogie is around.  IMG_0945

(Can you just see Chunk saying, “Okay Mom, can you get this guy off my trampoline?)IMG_0946

Bogie got off the trampoline alright, and ran straight for the camera.IMG_0954IMG_0956

Move it or lose it Buddy!IMG_0957IMG_0963IMG_0961IMG_0968IMG_0964

And when I looked around to find Bogie, this is what he was doing.  IMG_0977

Oh, Brother.


Genn said...

Oh my, those are some cute photos.
Love the ones of little H's feet in the air. Too cute. That trampoline thing looks like a fun toy for kids.

Robin said...

They really are so cute together!