Friday, June 1, 2012

Holy Crow

Can you believe its June?

School is almost over.

The heat is here.

The days are long.

Flip flops are on.

Sunblock is bought.

And we are looking forward to some crazy lazy days. (Well Dunbar Lazy, which means one activity a day.)


Watch out summer.

I’m ready to spend my days with this guy. Look at this face. Where is the baby I held? Where is the chub in the cheek? This little boy is not so little any more. He is getting to be a true big boy. I am just going to soak him up this summer.


Okay, thank the Lord I do still have a baby. He is so precious and cuddly and sweet. And the boy can communicate, its amazing what body language and squeals get across. IMG_0865

I get to spend every single day with these guys.

One more week!

But who’s counting?

Has summer arrived for you?


Eric and Jenny said...

Today is our first official day of summer, school was out yesterday for us. This morning was perfect all three babies piled in bed with me for early morning snuggles.

Sure do hope you have a wonderful summer with your little boys, they are so adorable!

Shannon said...

Today is our first day of Summer Vacation. Suntan lotion is out and swimsuits are getting put on. They grow so darn fast, have to soak up every second!!

Jensamom23 said...

Sumer arrive in our neck of the woods last week. I adore summer with my kids home. Enjoy!

Cathy said...

last days this week! i need to tell you how enjoyable it has been watching baby grow! thank you for sharing your life :) xoxo

Nicolle said...

Summer has definitely arrived. Our temps are close to 100 here today in Texas. That is the only thing I don't enjoy. I'm already feeling a little blue, so I know I've got to turn that around, and schedule some fun INDOOR activities for us! :) I think summer will feel different to me next year after Boyd has a year of Pre-K.

Enjoy your summer with your precious babes!


Genn said...

I've been on the countdown for summer too. H's last day is this Friday, but kinder starts to soon that I feel like our summer is cut so short.

That last pic is so sweet. What a face. Precious.

Since your text I am dying to hear the details of your move! You must be so busy! Let me know what you want to do with your appt. :)