Thursday, June 14, 2012

The End is Near

(This post was started over a week ago…)

So much going on right now.

1. Tomorrow is Monkey’s last day of Kindergarten. He had is promotion this morning. I now officially have a first grader. Full blown full-time school is in our future. The end of half days is tomorrow.


2.We sold our house. Yup. It sold and is in escrow. I never thought it would happen. We are moving in a month. YIKES. Life as we know it is coming to a close.

3. We are moving in with my MIL. And she’s fantastic, she’s giving up half her house. And we get to save a mortgage payment for a while, so that when I get to go house shopping again it will be for a BIG house.

4. I got my old part-time (kind of make-your-own-schedule) job back. Had to take a TB test and everything. Keeping my fingers crossed that I love the classroom as much as I used to. I’m sure I will, but it’s been forever. I still have all summer to psych myself up for it. It’s just subbing, nothing too permanent.

5. We signed Chunk up for music. His first activity. He’s so not an itty bitty any more. The baby days are drawing to a close. Why do I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest when I think of this? Any ideas?

6. I got two bathing suits from Victoria Secret. And I am thrilled with them. A few months ago I bought a one piece suit, a mom suit. Mr. Dunbar was not thrilled at all.  So he let me get two more, well strongly encouraged me. Ha. Good thing. We will have a pool.  And days of watching my boys splash in the jacuzzi are over. They are crazy hooligans in the water.

AND NOW because this has been in my drafts for over a week…

7. You already saw one of my new suits… from the Vegas shots.

8. I’ve been cleaning for two days, my MIL’s pantry. If you’re throwing a party and need a platter or a serving bowl or china, or stemware, or anything… she’s got it. I’ll hook you up.

9. We are in swim lessons now. The pool is solar heated. AKA: If its not sunny its not warm. Yesterday we started to play “Humpty Dumpty” in the Mom-n-Me class. My little Humpty did not fall, Humpty upped and ran away. No joke. Chunk booked it away from the pool as soon as his little hiney hit the concrete. We called it quits after that. IMG_1107

10. Did I tell you we are moving? Time to get packing.

11. Bogie just walked up and said, “Type in ‘Obama’!” HUH?

12. Now I’m seriously going to get started packing, right after dinner.


Robin said...

WOW! That was so fast...exciting though! Your suit was super cute and yeah...u did not need to buy a one piece,you look great mama! Let me know if u need any help packing,cleaning,or watching the hooligans :) I remember when we painted your cabinets when u first moved it just feels right to help u move on to the next chapter in your life. Remember you are always welcome to swim...we r up and running now..goggles included :) Today was our last day of school. Hooray for summer!

Eric and Jenny said...

Wow! I hope you survive all this, that is so many changes all at once. But wow so exciting, I hope you have so much fun house hunting and it goes smoothly for you.

I laughed that your hubby didn't like your one piece suit. Those husbands are so funny!

Three Aderholds said...

Good luck girl! I'm in the midst of it now. I'm having a mega-yard sale Saturday, and most of my junk (and I mean junk) is moving into storage. Me and the boy's are taking minimal to my parents house. I'm hoping to get this savings thing underway and go shopping for a NEW house, maybe not so big as this one. I hope all is well with you. Holler at me if you need any help at all, even if it's taking lunch, bringing entertainment (IE: my boys), anything helps and I'm here if you need anything.

Cindy said...

WOW!! A lot has been going on.:)
i remember the day half time school was over and we moved on to full time...thats' big time:)
back to the classroom...?? good for you and i would probably need more then the summer to psych myself up. haha
congrats on selling your house.
now you better go get busy packin!!:)
have a happy day

Genn said...

Wow so much going on right now!
I can't wait to chat about it tonight.
That is, if you have survived all that packing and cleaning I'm sure you've been up to.

See you soon. ;)

Jensamom23 said...

Wow! You are in for a busy summer, it sounds like. Fun, though!