Sunday, June 17, 2012

For Father’s Day

For my own Dad: IMG_1120Thank you for coming when I call. Always. Even on Monday mornings when I know you have to be at work and I call because of something stupid I did. (Like hit the garage door.) Thank you for riding Chunk along in his very favorite seat, up and down the street, when I know you have to be at work. Thank you for being a good Papa and for always forking over dollar bills.


And to the Father of my three sons: IMG_1352

I hit the jack pot when I got you. You are more compassionate, hard-working, and unselfish than anyone I have ever known. You never miss a beat when the boys are tugging at you as you walk through the door trying to get your tie off. I am continually amazed at your patience and your integrity. Each and every day I am glad that we are in this parenting gig together!


Happy Father’s Day guys!


Genn said...

Sweet words.

Happy Fathers Day to your men. :)

Robin said...


Ali said...

So sweet. Made me cry!

Jensamom23 said...

Such a blessing to have strong and wonderful men in our lives.