Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am so sad, so why don't we have a giveaway?

Mr. Dunbar sold my baby yesterday.

The baby I've had since high school. I remember the day I got her...
All of the cheer squad followed me home, they knew, I didn't.
All the neighbors were outside waiting with my parents, my song was playing.
She was waiting for me on the driveway with a big red bow, just like I always wanted.
Chloe. Honda Civic.

She got me through my senior year of high school.
She drove me to college, drove me home on graduation day.
She drove me to get my make-up done on my wedding day.
She drove me to my school on my first day as a teacher.

Then, eventually, she became Mr. Dunbar's commuter car. I got a new car, but she was still here.

I loved that car.

But now it was time. I told Mr. Dunbar it was okay to sell.
I cried when he told me that she sold.

On another note, my blog is 1 year old. I think the actual one year mark was actually on Wednesday. So to celebrate let's have a small giveaway.
I'm offering three different prizes.

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
$20 Target Gift Card
$20 Home Depot Gift Card

Just leave a comment on this post until Friday September 25th at noonish.

My only condition tell me where you are, geographically.

Oh and you can sign up to "follow" this blog for another entry.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Julie McCoy said...

Irene I totally understand about the car!! Mine was my VW Jetta (Destiny was her name haha) and after it eventually became Ron's car, we had to sell it... I bawled!!! I'm sorry, I do understand how hard that is. I am glad I am not the only one who got so sentimental about a car :)

Anonymous said...

wow! that is sad! it is hard to let go of something, anything that has been a part of your life for so long! so what are you getting to replace her? congrats on your one year of blogging! i finally became a follower! is that something new on your blog? well, now i get to keep up with you! ha!

jen@odbt said...

She was there for you...I felt the same when we finally had to see my little red Corolla.

Happy Blog Birthday! I'm in VA :)

Anonymous said...

Well Miss Irene, I live in Riverside (but you knew that) :). The Honda was a good car for you!

Anonymous said...

Um I am in the same place you are 2 Wed. a month!!!!

Cathy said...

Aren't you a sweetie cheering us up when you're blue?! I had a red Volkswagon rabbit, but I was sadder when we sold my husband's Honda Civic--even college students were sad because they knew things were alright with their world when they saw his little red car parked in the same spot day after day! [I'm in central Ohio.]

Anonymous said...

My first car was also a white honda accord and it was such a great car. Drove that thing into the ground- totaled it on the way to one of Brad's softball games. Then replaced it with another honda accord and replaced that with my honda odyssey. We love honda's! They go forever. I can totally relate to your feelings. So many wonderful memories happened with that car through your high school years. Hope you are remembering those great times in your mourning. Love, Kim

Ali said...

Ah sooo sad.. I had the matching black version. I cried the day I sold it too. Those civics will run FOREVER!!! The car was good to you all those years and was such a big part of your life for so long. tears :-(

kimmy said...

hey irene :) i live in riverside :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Irene~

Ok, I rememeber seeing you in your new car at school...leaving for lunch as a senior. And it was HOT and you had your windows down and I KNEW you had air! And then sat and wonder why Melissas car didn't have air :(

cristine said...

I am about to lose my first car. It is slowly dying on me. I went to Sandals and subbed at JFK, but recently moved to the Bay Area!

Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, Wow, . . .
I almost had a heart attact when I read the line that my son-in-law SOLD YOUR BABY!!! I thought for one second, WHAT, the baby, NOT MY BOGIE!!! I was READY TO HUNT A DEAD MAN WALKING!!! (Sorry, those thoughts come with my terrority, due to the line of work that I have, I feel sad knowing all the crazy and ugly crimes some people commit, even GOOD PEOPLE fly over the coo- coo's nest).
BUT, Oh. . . . . . The Honda. . . she was a blessing. I thanked God the day we bought her for you.
I'm here to tell you and everyone who reads these blogs. The Lord, AGAIN, had answered my prayer to keep you safe while commuting in that little car. The lord was faithful to my prayer for 14 years!!!! She (the honda) was a good and faithful sevant. She never left you stranded on the side of any road! But let's not store our trasures here on earth where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves breakin and steal for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6;19-21
I need to be honest; I cried too. . .
God and Mr. Dunbar are good, they together will work to provide ALL of your needs and wants, hopefully. I just had to throw that in, ha ha ha ha.
Love, Mom

Nic B. said...

bye bye, ol' civic

The Chelette Family said...

I did have a first car that I bought myself. I don't know why I didn't love it. I really liked it though. It was a honda civic too. Like yours it got me back and forth to college and home for weekends. It was a great car. Can't beat a honda! Reading your blog makes me wish I did love it, makes me wish I was attached. Didn't ball, but wish I would have. Love the giveaway idea, I love all of those places. Hope you had a great weekend too. Proud of you for letting go of your baby!

The Chelette Family said...

Oh yeah, I live in Riverside, but you already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Mrs.!

I just found your blog through Harrington House and just had to say that I can sympathize and commiserate! By hubs had a Civic and we sold it when our oldest daughter was about six months old. I still remember going on dates in it, moving stuff to our first house in it, and my new daddy husband driving around the hospital parking lot for fifteen minutes to get the AC totally blasted in the car to take our brand new daughter home three years ago. :0). Memories! They're some great cars!

Glad to have found your blog! It's super dee duper lovely!

Have a blessed week,

Anna Cecilia said...

Lisa from Riverside here...

I know how you feel. Getting rid of my first car was so sad. I have a picture of it hanging up near my desk.

Mrs. C... said...

Oh friend.....that was your 1 lie that NO ONE believed when we played that silly game! I will mourn with you for sure. AS for an entry, you know where I live, you just need to visit again soon! Smooches, and congrats on a year!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh you poor thing!! I remember feeling that very same way... I bonded very tightly with my car. Sob. I'm sad just now thinking of it...

Maybe you'll have even better car bonding in the future.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

TX gal through & through currently living in the cold state of Wyoming! :)

sorry about your baby chloe! :)
just think of all the joy she'll bring to her new owner!
she will!

Lori said...

Happy anniversity! My first car was a White Honda Civic too! (A hatch back, but still!) I'm in WA, close to the ID border. :)

Lori said...

This is too funny, because when I clicked over to your blog today I was coming to become a follower so I remember to visit more often. :) What a coincidence!

Heather of the EO said...

ooooh, great prizes! :)

Happy one year!

I do follow your blog, but since that's not new, you don't have to make it a separate entry. Just wanted to say HI and play along.

Christy said...

Oh, Irene! So sad. I loved my red Honda Civic... got a lot of good memories of that car! :) You know, I am in Riverside. And I LOVE a good giveaway. I'm in!

patty said...

love this idea, mrs. dunbar! so sorry about Chloe, but congrats on one year of blogging! :)

my baby was a '67 mustang that i eventually got painted red. i still can't look at an old mustang without thinking of her!

{representing: east tennessee} :)

The Flying Bee said...

Hey! Sorry it has been a while.

Awwww! I know how it feels to sell your first car. Mine was a Toyota Tercel.

Anyway, I need to go catch up on your blog.

I am in Louisiana!

The Flying Bee said...

Just signed up as a follower!

Heidi Thompson said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

I'm a follower & I live in Riv.! :0)


Karen said...

Hello! I found your blog from Manuella's. I read your comment of how hot it is going to be today - we must be close cause it's that hot here too! I HATE IT!!!!
Good Old SO CAl. Nobody told Mother Nature it is supposed to be clear, crisp and cool. LOL
Enter me! Very fun!
Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds