Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Day

We headed for the snow this weekend.

Four families who are usually wearing flip flops and board shorts were tubing away on Saturday morning. (Except for the pregnant ladies and the mama with the broken wrist, which only left one Mom who hit the slopes.)1127 014 copy

Notice how there is only one pink outfit in this bunch, she reigns the roost. And next year there will be two more boys added to this brood. Girls are hard to come by in these parts.1127 001 copy

1127 009 copy

For every slope you wanted to slide down you had to climb the stairs up carrying your tube. See them in the background?1127 034 copy1127 0361127 059 1127 024 copy

1127 0401127 054

1127 099

1127 0641127 070 1127 0871127 0881127 109 copy

I was in bed by 8pm. I told Mr. Dunbar, I was exhausted.

He said, “From what?!? Taking pictures?”


~mrs. dunbar

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whirlwind Day… gobble gobble

Hullo! I am still trying to recuperate from yesterday’s festivities. We had a great day celebrating Thanksgiving with both sides of the family.

Hi Baby No-Name Dunbar. You ate lots of goodies!dunbar 2009 033

My parents set up a Family Trivia Game. They had typed up rules, time limits, and had a $5 pay out for each question answered correctly. They said they had sat up the night before drinking a bottle of wine putting it together. Isn’t that a great thing for empty-nesters to do?

dunbar 2009 005 dunbar 2009 002

Questions included things like, What is your dad’s degree in? What was your mom’s address in high school? Where did your parents meet?  What was your grandma’s maiden name? How many first cousins do you have? (Answer is 28.)

This is my brother being “resourceful” he went searching for the diploma (that my dad had taken off the wall in the office.)dunbar 2009 003

The boys enjoyed playing outside. Baseball was the game of the day. dunbar 2009 008dunbar 2009 007 dunbar 2009 013dunbar 2009 009dunbar 2009 015

      dunbar 2009 017 dunbar 2009 022 

Even the dogs were grateful for all of the loving they were getting. Look at my niece’s face, doesn’t that look like a little girl who needs a dog?dunbar 2009 039

And of course there was wrestling. dunbar 2009 055 dunbar 2009 052dunbar 2009 053dunbar 2009 046 

Later in the day we went to the Dunbar’s.  A slightly more calm environment. There were games and dessert and good conversations to be had. dunbar 2009 063

dunbar 2009 064 

Of course there was giggling and chasing too. dunbar 2009 080 dunbar 2009 082 copy

I read a quote last week that said,

“On Thanksgiving we announce our dependence.”

And I just love that. It resonated with me all week. My dependence on the One above.

Here’s to a brand new Christmas season and remember that HE is the reason.

~mrs. dunbar

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Weekend Recap and Holiday Thoughts

Blah blah blah. Ha. I just felt like typing that.

Where to begin?  My camera is acting up. For the past 3 days now I have contemplated each morning whether I should take it in each day or just wait until Monday after Thanksgiving, so far each day I’ve come up with Monday after Thanksgiving, but then the very next morning I’m still contemplating because that means no new pictures to show. UGh.

Also Mr. Dunbar lovingly “cleaned up” my computer this weekend. Only now, it won’t let me download photos from the camera to the computer, so I have no birthday party pictures to show you. Bummer.

The weekend recap is mostly about Monkey’s birthday party. It was fabulous. It was easy. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. Monkey has been talking about having his birthday there since June. His heart was set on it. His mind was made up. And so mommy and daddy delivered. I wish I could show you the look on his face when Chuck E. came out or when he got to go into the Ticket Blaster. (By far the coolest part of the party.) The food was less than desirable, but the kids ate it. Again, the party was a hit. Four of our friends have told us their kids want their parties there now too. (Ha, I should get a kick-back, like a refer a friend thing. I think I’ll take 5% of the total cost of the party.)

When I was a kid, McDonalds was the place to have your party. Do you remember that? Mr. Dunbar had a birthday party there once, I was not invited, I’ve only heard about it. But he loved it and he can tell us all about it and one day I hope Monkey will be able to share his special afternoon with his own family.

Holiday thoughts. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I just braved the market tonight… man, Thanksgiving shoppers are crazy. And then the bag boy loaded my bags to be like 40 pounds each. Seriously, a Prego should not have to have one bag with 2 large cans of yams, 4 cans of soup and a bottle of Cranberry juice, plus pecans and coconut to top it off. My arm almost fell off and then I started having contractions. So I just dumped all of the bags at the front door.

Tag team shopping is the best. I couldn’t find something for Monkey at my Target today, so I texted Casey to see if she could find it at hers. She said she’d look. Then I called her and asked her to look for gloves for me, since I knew she would be out and about. She called later and said she’d found them. Glorious! Saved me time and another trip out.

I’m not really feeling Christmas-y yet. Normally by now, I am ready for all things Christmas. Hopefully the feeling will come soon. Our neighbor across the street already has their Christmas lights up and on. (I noticed them as I was hauling the groceries in.) Wowzers.

But I am looking forward to some good times with friends. We had dinner together last night. It was fun, letting the kids run around and play, planning little outings for all of us to take this next month.  Living life together. Making memories is good stuff.

And a few pics…

Prayers for Monkey on his birthday at school. (Bogie chose his own outfit for the day and then made himself at home in the classroom.)IMG_7177

Can you find Bogie here? Yup, again, just made himself comfortable during Monkey’s “party.”IMG_7182

Anywhoo, have a great prep-day. Day before Thanksgiving.

Who’s hosting? You or a relative?

~mrs. dunbar

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nothing like playing in the rain

Monkey had his last game of the season this weekend… in the RAIN.

Boys were loving it, moms, not so much.



 IMG_7442IMG_7456 IMG_7469

IMG_7506 copy

~mrs. dunbar

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey, Guess What?

I’m FIVE years old today!!  Can you believe it?  Mommy can’t. She’s been staring at me all week long, wondering how it has been FIVE years since I popped out of her belly.
IMG_7256 copy
So, yup, I’m FIVE.
I’ve been counting the days since Monday. Every morning checking the calendar and marking one more day off. Today couldn’t come fast enough.
IMG_7253 copy
Monkey Facts:
I love sports. Seriously love them. I know how to read football and baseball scoreboards and can tell you what each number means and why its up there.
I practice my soccer skills almost daily. Although a pregnant mommy does not make the best opponent.
I can count way past a hundred.
I can do simple math facts and even harder ones (if they we’re talking about touchdowns.)
I don’t really like to write letters, but I can write my name and simple words.
I am starting to read.
I can tell time on a digital clock.
IMG_7224 copy 
I  know more rock songs and artists than Mommy, and I can navigate iTunes like an adult.
I like video games.
IMG_7222 copy 
I use my manners regularly without having to be prompted. Others (adults) are usually impressed with this.
I know how to give a good handshake and introduce myself.
I can ride a two wheel bike.
I’m a funny kid. Who loves to joke around.
I love Jesus and remind everyone that they have to read the Bible each night.
IMG_7264 copy
   So that is me in a nutshell. Have a great day.
~M. Dunbar
IMG_7259 copy Dear Monkey,
I love you with all of my heart. You are precious child with your daddy’s personality and a heart of gold. This will be a big year for you and I am so excited to wake up each and every morning and see what big things happen for you each day.
You extrapolate the best in others.
You shine without limitation.
You are a gem.
Love you, Love you.