Friday, November 26, 2010

Whirlwind Day… gobble gobble

Hullo! I am still trying to recuperate from yesterday’s festivities. We had a great day celebrating Thanksgiving with both sides of the family.

Hi Baby No-Name Dunbar. You ate lots of goodies!dunbar 2009 033

My parents set up a Family Trivia Game. They had typed up rules, time limits, and had a $5 pay out for each question answered correctly. They said they had sat up the night before drinking a bottle of wine putting it together. Isn’t that a great thing for empty-nesters to do?

dunbar 2009 005 dunbar 2009 002

Questions included things like, What is your dad’s degree in? What was your mom’s address in high school? Where did your parents meet?  What was your grandma’s maiden name? How many first cousins do you have? (Answer is 28.)

This is my brother being “resourceful” he went searching for the diploma (that my dad had taken off the wall in the office.)dunbar 2009 003

The boys enjoyed playing outside. Baseball was the game of the day. dunbar 2009 008dunbar 2009 007 dunbar 2009 013dunbar 2009 009dunbar 2009 015

      dunbar 2009 017 dunbar 2009 022 

Even the dogs were grateful for all of the loving they were getting. Look at my niece’s face, doesn’t that look like a little girl who needs a dog?dunbar 2009 039

And of course there was wrestling. dunbar 2009 055 dunbar 2009 052dunbar 2009 053dunbar 2009 046 

Later in the day we went to the Dunbar’s.  A slightly more calm environment. There were games and dessert and good conversations to be had. dunbar 2009 063

dunbar 2009 064 

Of course there was giggling and chasing too. dunbar 2009 080 dunbar 2009 082 copy

I read a quote last week that said,

“On Thanksgiving we announce our dependence.”

And I just love that. It resonated with me all week. My dependence on the One above.

Here’s to a brand new Christmas season and remember that HE is the reason.

~mrs. dunbar


Megan said...

Glad that you guys had a great Thanksgiving day...I love that your parents made that game! That is so creative and I bet it was so much fun to play together! You are looking great by the way!

Amber said...

We DO NEED a dog soo bad! We had so much fun with you all yesterday! Love the belly shot!

Lori said...

looks like a fun and exciting day for all. looks like the boys had so much fun. and what a fun game to play and get to know who knows the family best. We love to play zingo here too

Anonymous said...

I love your belly shot!!! Sounds like a fun day!

Jensamom23 said...

What a great day!

jen@odbt said...

You are too cute - love the belly shots! Love the idea of a trivia game...way to capture some fun memories. Did the ceramic figures survive the wrestling?

Simply...Me said...

Awww cute belly shot. That was a fun day, loved the trivia questions.

Cathy said...

What a great Thanksgiving. Love that quote, too :) xoxo

Mrs. C... said...

Awwww. So nice......I could go into our Thanksgiving, but need a phone call for that or a Starbucks date. So glad you had a great time. My favorite photo - your dad wearing his ever present sunglasses. Classic.