Monday, November 1, 2010

This weekend and Seven


There’s nothing like having Halloween on a Sunday night, because you know that the festivities will start on Friday morning.  For us, Monkey had a his annual pre-school parade.     IMG_6690 IMG_6737IMG_6730


Bogie didn’t want my mom to go back to work. He wanted to go to her house.IMG_6758

Then Saturday night, my brother and his family were in town, so we headed to our neighborhood church’s Trunk-or-Treat.IMG_6787

Papa handed out coins to this band of trunk-or-treaters.IMG_6791

Sunday was a big day for us. It was the first time our church got to meet in our brand new building and then on Sunday night it was Trunk-n-Treat time.


It makes me laugh with these big smiles and giddy faces. If you only knew the drama we had trying to get Bogie to wear his hat and vest. The Sheriff star, bandana, and over coat, and cowboy boots didn’t make the cut.

IMG_6844 IMG_6854 IMG_6838

There were nearly a thousand kids along with parents at our Trunk-n-Treat.  They had 105 cars decorated, ready to pass out candy, bouncers, games, and food.


Monkey’s teachers were there passing out candy. I love seeing other people, especially people in our church, loving on my kids. This is Miss Abby and she truly LOVES Monkey.

IMG_6880 And others, volunteering their time and talents so my kids could have a great Halloween.

So precious and memorable.

  IMG_6900 IMG_6897

This is not a great picture, but I was just moved that these young guys, who were young and good-looking and probably had ten other places to be, chose to serve their church’s children and pass out candy. Seriously, I hope they are just as blessed by the time they have kids.IMG_6911


By the end of the night, and only about 80 cars into it, my boys were wiped out; dragging their candy bags along.

IMG_6913 IMG_6921

Now, onto the SEVEN part of this forever long post.

Today is Mr. Dunbar’s and my Anniversary.

Seven years.

Seven very short and fast years.

I married the best guy ever. I did.

He’s the patient one.

He’s the kind one.

He’s the caring one.

He’s the steadfast one.

He’s funny and cheerful and he picks up dog poop and wipes kid poop up.

He even runs to the market 3 times in 2 days for me.

I think I’ll keep him for at least another seven years. Or maybe seventy, he’s worth it.

I love you Mr. Dunbar.

Here’s Year Six, and Year Five.

~mrs. dunbar


jules said...

I love that idea of Trunk or Treat! I've never heard of it before. But that is a lot of cars....

Happy Anniversary!

jen@odbt said...

The pic of Bogie dragging his candy bag is classic. My kids' bags were so heavy by the end of the night too. Happy Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! So much to look forward to.

Seizing My Day said...

Love the candy bag draggin on the ground!! ;) cute and funny!!

Happy Anniversary! Did you marry on Halloween?!! ;) That actually sounds like a fun wedding... costume party wedding... now to find a friend willing to get married ... so I can go... since I won't be hosting another wedding!! ha ha... sorry.. my head does that sometimes! ;)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! you are very blessed!he does sound like a keeper! sounds like our weekend! my little guy was indiana jones too! xo

Mrs. C... said...

Tomorrow and the beginning of eight years together is going to be a great year, full of amazing adventures. Congrats, and can't wait to ride this roller coaster with you and Mr. D!

Cathy said...

BIG anniversary blessings! And I've never heard of Trunk-or-Treat! I finally figured out what it was by the end of your post!! And your Mom is (again) beautiful! (I think I've said that before?). And I agree about the young adults helping...they rock :)

Cathy said...

ps...i got my coupon book (in my photo) from etsy (i can get you the link if you want). got one for a Christmas present and one for me...i sure hope it helps me! i was PARANOID taking my camera to the grocery store thinking it might get swiped as i was reaching for lasagna noodles or something!

Lori said...

Happy anniversary. glad you had a fun and busy weekend

Megan said...

Happy halloween and anniversary to you!

Genn said...

Happy Halloween and Anniversary to you!
Sounds like Mr. Dunbar is a real gem. :)

{cindy} said...

What a fun Halloween.
We have never been to a trunk or treat, but I know my girls would love it. Anywhere you can get loads of candy without having to walk that far is great in their book!:)
Happy Anniversary to you adn many more happy years to come
Enjoy the day