Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's our anniversary

Six years ago we said, I do.
(Click the I do for a few wedding pics.)

It seems like just yesterday I was planning the menu, the flowers, the music...

and then I look up and the calendar says November 1st 2009.

Six years married, almost 10 years together. Time flies.

Serious moments and funny moments.
Good times. Lots of good times.
We definitely need to take more pictures of just the two of us!!
I love you, always always.
Happy Anniversary, Honey.


jen@odbt said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree - you need to take more pictures of just the two of you. You are a beautiful couple.

spatzfamily said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I tried to warn you on how FAST time flies! Continue doing what your both doing. . . As your parents, we see how hard our son in law works, he a very good husband to our princess (daughter) (Ha,ha, I had to throw that in, family joke). He is a great father to their sons and he is a good son to his parents. He has good morals and values and he's a God fearing man. What more can a parent ask for in a son in law? He has ALWAYS been very loving and respectful with us, (his in-laws) and has always shown us he appreciates even the smallest of things we do for him or for our daughter or for our grandsons.
To our princess, we have always been very proud of you. Your a good wife and the perfect mommy.
Thank God for all your blessing.
Once again Happy Anniversary!!!
Love always, Mom and Dad

Karen said...

HEY! Happy Anniversary! My goodness, you are just beginning! DON'T BLINK! because before you know it, the boys'll be going off to college and it'll just be the two of you again . . . for a little while at least.
Have a wonderful day!
:) Hugs. Karen

Genn said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have fun celebrating. Those were all beautiful pictures, including your wedding pics!

I think the same thing about my husband and I, that we need to take more photos of just us. I am so busy getting pics of the kids these days I guess.

The Flying Bee said...

Happy Anniversary!

Yall are too cute!


The Salinas Family said...

Awe...and to think we almost got to spend your anniversary with you! Congrats.

Nancy said...

Happy anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun, right? What a cute couple you are! :) Nancy

Lissa said...

I hope you enjoyed your anniversary!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary! (And what a treasure your mom's comment is!)

Lori said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated anniversary! beautiful pictures! xo

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... yall are just too cute... pretty really! wow!

hAppY anniversary!

patty said...

happy anniversary! yes, yes! get someone else to hold that camera... too important!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Vicki! A little late...but Happy Anniversary...things only get better! Love you~