Sunday, November 15, 2009

I blame my mother

Over the next seven weeks we are having a few different events at our house. Which I am super excited about and they are going to be good times, memorable experiences for everyone. (Hopefully.)

But I have issues.

About having people at my house.

And I blame my mother. Because it all began with her.

Let me just give you one example and then you'll understand my issue. One month before I graduated with my BA and my graduation party invitations had already been sent out, my mom decided that the downstairs needed to be re-done. So she had it painted, ripped out the carpet, put in new carpet and tile, had the downstairs bathroom re-done, and had the office and living rooms re-decorated. My dad was moving couches on the morning of the party!!

So, I vowed to never be as bad as mother. (I lied.) Poor Mr. Dunbar has been working frantically and faithfully over the past two weekends to get as many "home improvement" items marked off of my list.

Here are the before pictures of the bathroom:

White bathroom.

No accessories except for this picture hanging above the toilet.

There is this huge mirror that had those old fashioned (dirty) brackets holding it up.
Probably since 1960, at least.

We put this light fixture in, and yes it usually has all of the votives,

I just re-hung this one for the picture.

After pictures:
We added moulding to the mirror.
Just like Rhoda from Southern Hospitality.

And I painted the bathroom to match the tile.

With the white walls the moulding just didn't POP.

Now I think it does.

And I added a few accesories.
A little " The Loo" sign, a fluer-de-lis, and a tip towel.

So the bathroom is complete, now I've got to tackle the rest of the house.

Am I the only one with this issue?

(Love you Mom!)


Cathy said...

Ah-ha! I know where you got that pretty little ruffly hand towel (b/c I've picked it up everytime I'm in there!) Our poor husbands...I do the same when company's comin'. My mom used to always clean the junk drawer an hour before company :)

Nancy said...

I am right there with you. Entertaining jitters. I have that when I have my in laws stay for the weekend or even when I have my family over for take out dinner. Every single time. I usually just shove everything in drawers/cabinets and deal later. I always hope they don't open the cabinets! :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i have ALWAYS been that way... the only bad thing... i think... lately... over the last few years... i have gotten WAY "lazy"... maybe it's old age! :)
i just can't seem to crack things out like i used to!

ohhhhh... BTW... the bathroom looks GREAT! it will all be GREAT...
hang in there... they love you no matter what your house looks like! :) YOU're the gem!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a great topic. Sometimes I tell Brad that we need to have people over so that I will get the motivation to "deep clean" something. When we had small group at our house, the night before was always my cleaning night. Now I just walk around telling Brad that the maid in our house is really slacking and the laundry fairy had better get to the ironing. Too bad the maid is me. Working on that issue.

gina said...

Hey it was just a little incentive- your bathroom looks great now- you were right about the color- now the molding really pops like the feature it should be. :)

jen@odbt said...

Looks amazing. I've always wanted to do that to our bathroom mirror. I can relate. The week leading up to my MIL's birthday celebration (hosted here) I was putting up pictures and making our family wall.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Honey!

The apple doesn't fall to far from it's tree.

By they way, the bathroom looks lovely

And, Hoildays, Parties and NEW Seasons are perfect motivator's for remodeling & decorating!

A house tells a story about the people who live there.

What is your story. . .

Is your house clean?

Is it organized?

Is your house decorated?

Does your house say, "Hi, we are so happy your here! Come on in. . ."

By the way 2010 is just around the corner, it's time to remodel the downstairs again, any sugestios?

Love always,

The Flying Bee said...

Are you kidding? I could have written this post myself! Ha Ha! My hubby loves having people over, but hates the weeks coming up to it! LOL! The bathroom looks great!


Ali said...

I think we women are all the same. My mom has always been this way as have I. Now that we're having Thanksgiving this year we've been tearing everything apart. Sod is being delivered for my back yard in fact over the weekend! We have a LOT to do and little time :-) The bathroom looks great. It is amazing what a little paint and finishing touches can do.

Genn said...

You are so funny. I am the SAME way about having people over. It just gives me motivation sometimes to get all of those ideas I've had in my head actually done. Good luck with all of your projects! The bathroom looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love doing fun house projects-

hopefully if you make it out to visit my house - you'll be able to overlook the toys, and kid gear around my house...and probably some unfinished project (cause I am always in the middle of something)

But my house will definitely scream- don't mind the painters tape on the banister, or the random nerf dart hanging on the ceiling fan, come on in take your shoes off and chill out with us.

I like the bathroom re-do and frames! ;)


patty said...

looks great!
my issue is that i come to a grinding halt and get nothing accomplished, so i do that last minute hide-it-in-the-laundry-room dance!
have a great time entertaining.,,

Lori said...

You are definitely not the only one with such issues! (And I love the LOO sign!) :)