Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Baby Boy Convo

This conversation happened today between the Sailor and his buddy Ben-Ben.

Sailor: Dude, I’m tired. I think I’ll head home.June 663

Sailor: Oh, wait a minute. You have a sister?June 664

Sailor: And she’s older, cute, and funny?June 665

Sailor: Why, Hello there pretty lady. I like girls with curls.  June 671 June 669 June 670

Ben-Ben: Dude, back up off my sister! She is off limits!  June 672

Sailor: Chill. I think she likes me. June 673

Sailor: Hey Rea, look I’ve got big strong muscles.June 674

Ben-Ben: I told you to leave my sister alone.June 675

Sailor: Okay, okay, don’t be annoying.June 679

Sailor: Hey ladies, I’m single.June 680

Sailor:  Ben Ben are you sure I can’t hit on your sister?

Ben-Ben: Not unless you want to deal with my older brother. He’s six! And super fast, even too fast for the camera.June 681 June 699

Sailor: Okay, friends?

Ben Ben: Friends.June 676

~mrs. dunbar

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Households, Hip Hop, and Change in Uniform Policy

I found this and thought it was quite interesting.
According to the New York Times, The Dunbar family construct makes up less than 3% of households of the American populace. Three percent?  That seems awfully low, because it seems like everyone we know is a married couple couple with 2 or 3 kids. But we  I  live in a bubble. I really like my bubble.

After reading the complete article attached to this little gismo, it just saddened me to think of so many kids growing up in whacked out families. As a teacher, one of my most used mottos was “Parents screw kids up!” seriously. After reading this article, I’m convinced of it. Fewer and fewer kids are growing up in families, true families. This should worry us. I really think so.
Okay, so go ahead and plug your info into this New York Times online estimation tool. Let me know where you stand.
On a much lighter note, Monkey took Hip Hop for a few weeks.     June 630 June 628June 629June 632June 635 June 633 June 634  June 636June 642 June 637 June 640 June 650June 649
I thought he did a really good job, but it wasn’t his cup of tea.  He’s more into sports and the competitiveness and stats that go with it. Before he started Hip Hop, he said he wanted a guy teacher and sure enough he got one, but it wasn’t enough to hold his interest for long. June 643
Oh well, we tried. Moving on.
The army called, they’re changing their uniform.
June 563 June 565
Polo shirts and headbands. Just thought you should know.
~mrs. dunbar

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

128 days

It’s been 128 days since I’ve gotten a full nights sleep.

Four months.

Roughly 3,000 hours.

And all because of this…

June 018 June 021 June 024 The Sailor is four months old.

-This month he has discovered his toes.

-Finds his fingers whenever he’s bored.June 026

-Rolled over three times on his own.

-Began to love bathtime. June 569

-And has pretty much outgrown the infant bath tub. 

June 369 June 376June 377June 379

-He’s moved into 9-12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.

-Weighs just about 15 pounds.

June 159

-He’s found his voice, cooing and babbling any time someone talks to him.June 138June 150 -And he even sat in Papa’s truck like a big boy, even though he chooses to be in Mommy’s arms most of his waking moments. June 404

Naps are short lived, he sleeps for just about an hour at a time during the day.June 592

June 593

The longest he’ll sleep at night is from 8pm to 1am, 5 hours. We’re still working on this.  June 596

He loves to hang out, although he’s not so sure about this jumperoo, so far its lasted about 4 minutes max.  June 598 

What held your kids attention when they were babies?  Any great ideas?

-Oh, and I’ve changed over a thousand diapers, this kid is like a machine.

~mrs. dunbar

Monday, June 27, 2011


Monkey led the way this morning, taking his brother by the hand and guiding them towards VBS. I couldn’t get my camera fast enough to capture these sweet moments of brotherly love. Trying to weave in and out of people, while holding the Sailor, and finding the proper position with my 50mm prime lens attached. (ie I was the zoom.)

June 574 June 575 June 578June 577 

Donning their new t-shirts, of Galactic Hope.

June 579June 584

Hangin with buds. (Even though I didn’t heed my own picturing taking advice; take one shot and make sure your settings are correct. Mine were in TV mode and the ISO was so high these two look all grainy. Ah, well. )

June 580June 586June 588

Vacation Bible School.

It’s a weird compilation of words, if you really think about it. Vacation and School sandwiching the Bible? Hmmm??? So what does it really all mean? And why-o-why is it such an integral part of summer? 

These were some of my thoughts as I drove away from dropping my boys off this morning. Boys, as in plural, as in I got rid of TWO of them this morning.

Hallelujah. (Freedom from two, was of course, my initial thought.)

But back to my contemplating… Over a thousand kids attend this VBS. Its the best program in our city. And its thrilling to see so many families sending their kids this way. The streets and intersections were backed up for over two long blocks in the morning, parents in their cars trying to get their kids to VBS on time. I wanted to sign several parents up for VBS themselves, as the rude driving was prevalent on the streets outside the church walls. But I was so thrilled to be leaving TWO kids, that the rude driving went to the wayside. When I got home I started thinking about what it really meant to leave Monkey and Bogie there at VBS. Gaining independence? Sure. Fun times? Of course. Learning the Gospel? Most certainly. Hmmm…. now we’re getting somewhere. My kids are going to get five days of fun activities centered on the Gospel. More than a thousand kids are getting “churched” in a fun interactive environment. That’s some serious stuff.

And as I was folding laundry, thankful that I had gotten to drop off TWO kids, I just started praying for them. That they would learn of the God of the universe, that they would see His love through others. That they would understand that this great day camp, is truly about seeing and knowing Jesus. And I was so grateful for all of the volunteers who have dedicated their time this week to making this happen. My heart just swelled. Because if you could see all of the details and planning that have gone into making this week a success, you’d know that teams upon teams of people have poured their time, talent, and hearts into this week. For my kids. For the thousand kids who have shown up.

And then reality hit because I had to go change a poopy diaper.

But my brain kept going… Today I want my boys to be excited to head to VBS. I love to see the thrill of adventure in their eyes, their anticipation of fun games and tasty treats, and I want them to see God. To know Him.

June 600June 601

They are still so young, but their hearts and minds are so impressionable.

That’s why VBS is so important. It envelopes kids in love.

Jesus’ love.

It gives hope in huge amounts.

Galactic sized Hope.

June 599    

~mrs. dunbar