Saturday, February 9, 2013

instaFriday, only its Saturday

I am linking up with Jeanette from Life Rearranged for a slam dunk of iPhone pics from this past week.

Hooray its February and I am ready to get in the mood with a heart tee. “get the drift.”


We went to a birthday shin-dig last weekend from some of our closest friends and had a wing-dinger of a time. Good friends are the best!


Sitting down at the dojo. This is the only time of the day I seem to be able to catch my breath and plan out all of what has to happen the next day.


Finally got some breakfast burritos made and stored up for Mr. Dunbar’s breakfast. It makes life so much easier when these are prepared and I can just toss them into his lunch bag.


It was a cozy-comfy dress day this week. IMG_0878

And my favorite shot of the week;  “the world really does need some more super heroes.” These guys wanted to wear their costumes all day long and it was fine with me. They were creative and active, two characteristics kids could use more of these days.


life rearranged


AGohl said...

Thanks for sharing! The smiles on your little boy's faces always put a smile on mine!

tinajo said...

Of course the world need more superheroes - they are too cute! :-)

Megan said...

Good stuff...I wish I had a smart phone! Someday...
By the way, you are my fashion hero!

Nancy said...

love your blog!!