Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Another year, come and gone. Gee, I blinked and now its December 30th. Well, okay, I didn’t really blink, since I was awake for most of this year. Somebody in this house wasn’t really a “sleeper.” I can officially say I spent 3/4 of this year without ever really hitting REM sleep.

I’d like to say one of my goals for 2012 will be more sleep, but in reality it won’t be, I’m just hoping for some more quality sleep.


I guess I’ll wait until next year to really lay out all of my goals.  Goals sound so much more attainable than resolutions, don’t you think?


This guy is actually looking more and more like his Daddy. I love him so. The daddy and the baby. And my other two, too.


So goodbye 2011. I’m going to spend today doing chores and paperwork and then tomorrow soaking up the last day of the year.


Wishing you a very Happy New Year’s celebration.

See you in 2012.

~mrs. dunbar

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIWW- Christmas and little of what I got

Hello there.

This is me, on Christmas.


This is me nonchalantly taking pics of myself on Christmas. IMG_6688IMG_6685

This is the top that my brother had to ask if I made out of mom’s old curtains or tablecloth? {Funny guy.}


Funny guy is on the end. The top draped nicely, I thought.IMG_6878 And here’s the best I can do for a full outfit shot. IMG_6797 

details: top-marshalls, pants-gap, shoes-piperlime

accessories… forgotten at home


and a few of the things mr. dunbar got me…

jeanne oliver leather cuff. 


new watch. isn’t this band fun? I love it.


goes perfectly with my new sparkly tom’s.


and my biggest surprise… a portable hard drive. I didn’t even know these things existed until mr. dunbar brought one home to swap out music with a guy from work over a year ago. its itty bitty and it will hold a ton of pictures. hooray.


I also got some pjs and undies and tupperware. I love gifts that I will use ALL. THE. TIME.

he did good. real good.

~mrs. dunbar

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Practically Perfect Christmas

I don’t know about you but I really really enjoyed having the Christmas holiday on a Sunday. Mr. Dunbar was off “early” on Friday, we had all day Saturday to celebrate with the Dunbar side, all day Sunday to celebrate with my side, and then we still had Monday off. Hip Hip Hooray for that!

Anywho… in keeping with an effort to record our holidays, here are a few (or a lot) of shots from our weekend.

Christmas Eve morning at Grandmas Judy’s; waiting for presents and breakfast and not getting too much cooperation. IMG_6407IMG_6408IMG_6434IMG_6443IMG_6452IMG_6473IMG_6474

After Grandmas house it was nap time and Church. The boys were much too wired and did not go to sleep, so we wavered back and forth on going to the 2pm service or the 4pm service. Finally, at the last minute we decided to go to the 2pm service. Well, when you get to church late on Christmas Eve, you’ve got to sit in overflow… which sort of sucks. But it worked to our advantage because the boys were restless and the drinking fountain that was right behind us was instant entertainment until the boys got to go up on stage and hang their Christmas ornament.


Christmas Eve night is always spent at Auntie Marian’s house. Who doesn’t host parties when their 100?? She did all of the dishes and wouldn’t let anyone help with that.


The kids sitting around waiting for Santa to show up. The adults were “tracking him” on their phones.


Santa was totally sober. (Long story.)


Remember when I said there would be Christmas Chaos?IMG_6603

Part Two, Christmas Chaos, Christmas Morning

Monkey was out of bed at 6am. I was already up nursing the baby and Monkey bursts in and says, “Mommy, Santa came. He came and I thought to myself, should I open all of my presents now? Or should I wait. And I thought to myself, waiting would be the right thing to do.”

So at 6 o’clock on Christmas morning we were all up busting open packages.IMG_6631IMG_6634IMG_6635IMG_6639IMG_6640

Bogie kept saying, “I got a box. I got a box!”  I think he meant he got an Amazon box, but who knows. He was thrilled with each thing.


Craziness, yes. Wonderful, yes.

Part 3, Christmas Chaos, Grandma and Papa’s

My mom always puts on a wonderful spread of food. This was lunch when we got there.


You can’t see them, but inside are tamales. YUM!


Bogie singing his Christmas song.


Somebody thought they were real funny giving this as a Christmas gift.IMG_6715IMG_6719IMG_6721IMG_6725IMG_6736

Monkey screamed, “A DS, just what I always wanted!”IMG_6740IMG_6746IMG_6750IMG_6786IMG_6789IMG_6761

My parents with their brood of grandkids. First pictures ever with all of them in it.IMG_6817IMG_6818IMG_6823

Merry Merry Christmas 2011.

~mrs. dunbar