Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIWW- Christmas and little of what I got

Hello there.

This is me, on Christmas.


This is me nonchalantly taking pics of myself on Christmas. IMG_6688IMG_6685

This is the top that my brother had to ask if I made out of mom’s old curtains or tablecloth? {Funny guy.}


Funny guy is on the end. The top draped nicely, I thought.IMG_6878 And here’s the best I can do for a full outfit shot. IMG_6797 

details: top-marshalls, pants-gap, shoes-piperlime

accessories… forgotten at home


and a few of the things mr. dunbar got me…

jeanne oliver leather cuff. 


new watch. isn’t this band fun? I love it.


goes perfectly with my new sparkly tom’s.


and my biggest surprise… a portable hard drive. I didn’t even know these things existed until mr. dunbar brought one home to swap out music with a guy from work over a year ago. its itty bitty and it will hold a ton of pictures. hooray.


I also got some pjs and undies and tupperware. I love gifts that I will use ALL. THE. TIME.

he did good. real good.

~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

You did a wiww! hooray. You look beautiful, and I love that top and do not think it resembles a tablecloth at all. Brothers. ;)

And high five to mr dunbar for a job well done. Love your gifts. i love my sparkly toms too. i have been checking nordies everyday to see if they have the new leopard ones with sheepskin inside in stock. so far no luck.
oh love the watch too. fun band.

:) did your mom die over her new LV???

lori said...

i love your top!!! and your sparkly toms! he did good :)

Sarah said...

You did very well and your white top is gorgeous!!! xxx

Shannon said...

Love all of your gifts especially those sparkly Toms! Your Christmas top is cute, guys don't know anything :)

Object of Maya*ffection said...

You are adorable! LOVE the shirt! So I haven't gotten on the Tom craze - are they totally worth it? Are you loving them?

Ashley said...

LOVE that watch....where is it from??