Friday, December 16, 2011

The Present of the Great Outdoors

My boys have a room full of toys.

Toys in closets. Toys in bins. Toys in the garage.

Do they play with them?


What would they rather do any day of the week?

Play outside. With sticks. And with their friends. Both of which are free.IMG_5636IMG_5635IMG_5634IMG_5632IMG_5637IMG_5638IMG_5640IMG_5647IMG_5643IMG_5645

So much of the overload this month. So much shopping. So much wrapping.  I’ve done the uh’oh run to Target to pick up a last minute gift for a gift exchange, a forgotten helper, and extra gift “just in case.”  But I’m really trying to keep it all in perspective (and in the budget.)

Most gifts are wrapped. Still waiting for a few stragglers to be delivered. I haphazardly ventured to the mall last week with the Baby. Bad idea. The kid doesn’t sit in the stroller, so eventually I was holding him, wrestling bags, and trying to push the stroller. I think it was at that moment I thought, “Enough is enough.” Anyone else had a moment like that?

Good day, and good weekend to ya.

~mrs. dunbar


Gabe said...

I think the outside is the secret to raising boys. . .its all my boys wanted at that age. . .it kept me sane! I hate winter for that very reason, so much harder to go outside when you have to bundle everyone up!

And yes, I had that same feeling this week. . .I wanted to chuck all the presents out the window!!:)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I love your boys preferred activity! Anything outside is the bomb in my humble opinion ;-)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I love seeing children just be children and that is exactly what your pictures show. we often forget that they don't need a lot to have fun. they just need time, space and their imaginations

Mrs. C... said...

You've wrapped????? Ugh!!! Hubby wanted me to wrap, but alas that wasn't in the cards yesterday or today. Guess it will happen during the evenings. Sticks, that would be hilarious to wrap as a present!!!

Genn said...

I always prefer the outdoors and sticks to a bunch of toys with a million little pieces. :)

I've wrapped too. Almost done now. Just a couple more trips and then that is it.

Got your check in mail. Thank you. :)

Nicolle said...

Love your pictures here. Boyd is the same way....loves to be outside, loves sticks and rocks and dirt. He is not too impressed with fancy or expensive toys. Makes me very happy!