Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to Santa’s We Go

I was super excited to take the boys to go see Santa this year. Going to his house, munching on some cookies and hot chocolate. Hanging out with friends like we do every year. All of my thoughts were halted when I was told, “We already saw him and told him what we wanted we don’t need to go again.”

Oh yeah, well tell him again. You’re going.


Chunk didn’t know quite what to think about the guy in red. But he cooperated for the most part and there were no tears, which I’m grateful for. IMG_5087

He totally looks like my brother in the picture below.IMG_5094IMG_5061IMG_5062sIMG_5079IMG_5081IMG_5124IMG_5131

These two had Grinches painted on their arms. Fitting I’m telling you. Oh so fitting for these two.


Some nights, your picture taking skills are spot on. Some nights their not. Mine was not. But this was our trip to Santa 2011.

You can see our trips to see Santa in 2010, 2009, and 2008.

It’s amazing to see how much these guys have grown.

Are you going to take your kids to see the man in red?

~mrs. dunbar


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that looks like a really cool place to see Santa and a really nice Santa too. We go see Santa at the local tree lighting ceremony every year. That is this Saturday.

Nicolle said...

Oh, cute pictures! Love them all. We've got to get a visit into Santa soon!

Genn said...

Cute Santa pics!
I am betting on tears from my two.

Yes you have a haircut appt on Dec 14 @ 5:30! Would 5pm work? If not, no biggie, see ya at 5:30. :)

Eric Smith said...


Thank you for your comment, I just love meeting new friends, especially friends of Genn's she is a sweetheart!

Your boys are so cute, your house must be a fun place to be with three little boys. I just love it!

So I so hear you on some nights picture taking goes well and others not so much. Sometimes I look at my pictures and think "yup I am getting quite good" and other times I think "that's it you take terrible pictures". Glad to know that's not just a me thing. Though I thought yours were great!

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh sorry I was signed in on my husband's name it's really Jenny not Eric! Don't want to freak you out!

Gabe said...

Loving the babies reaction. . .can't quite figure out if he's scared or not!

What a fun tradition!

Cindy said...

Love the first pic of all 3 boys with Santa. How sweet. He looks so serious!!:)
What a fun family tradition for you guys.
have a happy day

Mrs. C... said...

Ok, Little Chunk does look like your brothers, sorry Mr. D it's true. Second, Bubba never minded seeing the guy in Red. Missy has always hated ANYONE in a costume, still does to this day. Oy! Major bribing has to go on for it to happen. It didn't happen this year, a bit sad and then again, a sign of just how big mine are......

Nish said...

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