Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Proud Baby

Somebody is crawling.

In know, I know, being that he is nine months old he should be, right? But also being that he is dragged in and out of the car almost every single day of the week and lugged in the Ergo carrier only to get home and be waited on by Big Brothers, this guy has had no real need to crawl. One “Ah” or “Er” and a circumspect object is easily rendered into the small hands of this doted upon little one. Big Brothers are at the beck and call. But in the absence of said Big Brothers this past weekend, Chunk took it upon himself to become mobile.

He is so proud of himself.


And of course we must see it in action right?

“Who Me?”


Thinking about it, while blowing bubbles and raspberries.IMG_5018

The lean to.


This little guy is too quick for me. IMG_5003

Five second break.


The “get-the- camera-out-of-my-face” look.IMG_5017

The reach.IMG_5008

The diversion.


The giggle at the reflection.


And lastly, the “I-did-it-Mom!”



But the fun doesn’t stop their my friends. Oh no. When Big Brothers are gone and if your gonna go, you might as well GO BIG. This guy also decided to start pulling himself up in his crib. On. the. same. day. When he awoke from his nap, and I heard the blinds swinging back and forth, I knew exactly what was going on. So grab the camera, I did.

Again, a step by step recap:



Change lighting on camera, cue again.


Reach for blinds.IMG_5032

Peek outside.IMG_5033

Say “Hi” to doggies.IMG_5034

And the “You-can-not-be-serious? You’re-gonna-drop-my-crib-already” look.IMG_5035

Yes we are my Sweetest.

And I’m sad too.

This is the last time Mr. Dunbar had to drop the crib. I wanted to cry. The baby-ness, is almost all over. The Itty-Bitty snuggles and cries and gurgles, its almost all coming to an end over here in the Dunbar home… forever. So much of me is happy and ready to be done with all things Baby, but there is that part that knows, its coming to a close. This chapter in our lives will be placed with all of the other “past” memories and I will never be able to “live” them again.

So I am soaking it up, all of it.  And trying to capture each and every coo and grin and small accomplishment. Savoring the smell of Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Laughing at jarred peas being spit back out all over the place. Cheering on each milestone.  And enjoying each second of my time with this little guy.

~mrs. dunbar

PS When did I ever become such a sap?


{cindy} said...

I'm right there in sappyville with you! you almost had me crying like I was lowering the crib today or something!!;)
that last picture is way too cute!
have a happy night

Gabe said...

Adorable photos!!!

It will always fell a little like that with your last. The last time you have a new walker, the last time you have a little one at home all day with you, etc. it does get easier, but it's still there that little heart catch because you know that season is over!

Loved this post!

Lori said...

so cute... grow baby grow. how exciting for all of you. I'm sure his big brothers are psyched to see him mobile and trying to keep up