Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eggs and Cookies for the Neighbors

I decided to participate in the Happy Day Project this morning after I saw Julie’s cookies in a jar. I had everything to make the cookies and some extra mason jars from the baby dedication. Crazy easy. And my boys, well they love to deliver goods to the neighbors. Sweet. This is going to be great. And easy. And very simple.

But alas, there has to be a hick-up somewhere in the middle of doing something nice for someone else. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as you planned, right? A few posts back I mentioned that I don’t cook eggs.

No scrambled.

No over easy.

No omelets cooked to order over here.


Eggs gross me out. Like make me want to gag,with my whole body-GAG . When I have to use them, like in cookies for example, I either avert my eyes or close them altogether.

Are you seeing where this is going? I’ve been doing this for years. For as long as I’ve been cooking or baking in the kitchen.

Close eyes, crack egg.

I’ve got it down to a science. One tap of the shell, pull apart, dump. Science, I tell you.

Or so I thought. Today while cracking the egg, I missed the bowl. Altogether, missed. When I looked down, I had an open egg sitting on my counter. Talk about near panic attack. I just screamed. And then I took a picture of it and sent it to those who really appreciate my egg aversion.

Phone picture: Tag line “I just about died.”1107111319_01

And do you know what my sister-in-laws texted back?
And I quote “LOL, LOL, LOL Bahahaha!” and “Bahahahahaha! That is awesome. Did you try putting it in with your eyes closed? Blog this.”

So much for sympathy.

In my quick thinking I took the bowl off the mixer and just scooped the darn thing into it with a spatula, some of it landed on my shirt and I thought I was going to pass out. That shirt may or may not be in the trash can right now.

UGH!  Call me crazy, everyone else around here does.

Anyhow, moving on to cookies.

They were baked and delivered to brighten the neighbor’s day. We delivered 3 jars of cookies, to 3 neighbor’s, because we have 3 kids. Only two are pictured though. Babies aren’t allowed to hold glass jars.

This jar went to the neighbors who bring Halloween bags every year. IMG_3729

This jar went to Mr. Larry and Ms. Bev because they are the best neighbors ever.IMG_3731

And this jar went to Ms. Jean, because she’s 92. And she always waves whenever she’s out. And because she is the nicest old lady ever. Only, she wasn’t home, so we left the jar on her front porch. Within an hour she called and said “Thank you, it was the most pleasant surprise. And we are so thoughtful…”

So to recap:

Crazy laughs for my family. Check.

Simple and sweet gestures for neighbors. Check.

Mission accomplished.

Over and out.
~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

too funny. did you scour your counter with bleach after to get that big old bad egg off everything too?

SZM said...

Ha Ha!! That is so hilarious! What is this Happy Project you are speaking of?

Nicolle said...

I love the tags on the cookie jars. How sweet that your 92 year old neighbor called. Ok, I get it about the eggs. I can work with them, but I can't look at them too closely....I'm afraid I might see something gross. :)

Amber said...

One word....RAD!! =]


{cindy} said...

So glad you guys did this...we had every intention...but missed it. Maybe we will be a day late or so...? Laughing at your egg story and Nicolle's comment!:)
have a happy day

The Loyal Mortgage Guy said...

Oh my that was funny!

Maybe you can find a support group (jk)



Mrs. C... said...

Because I love you.....Bwahahhahahhashahahahahah! Laughing hysterically right now! I am sad you didn't call me for therapy after your tragic experience! Bwahahahahahah!

Janna said...

your egg story made me laugh - they are pretty gross. so sweet with the cookies. great idea in the jars.