Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My mind is a rolling…

We’ve got a crazy week over here. Birthday parties and Thanksgiving feasts. Pilgrim hats to be made and gifts for the birthday boy to be bought. IMG_3884 


I ran to Target last night. Geez, I hate going at night. It’s a different crowd, you know? I’m not sure if it was the darkness or the crowd that made me hug my handbag a little tighter and walk a little faster. But of course I was fine and since I was by myself, I perused each and every single aisle. Fun stuff. I think I’ll have to do that more often. Maybe even next Tuesday night. I’m calling it a Me Night.


Today we’ve got school, Bible Study and Monkey’s birthday celebration in his classroom. 6o sprinkled donut holes were ordered by request of the birthday boy.  He’s doing it my way, spreading out his birthday love for almost a week. Celebration today in school, Friday night with pizza and Grandparents, Saturday is the actual day and Sunday something with friends. Boys only, I was told. Ummm, what about me? I’m a girl. I was told I could come for a little while to take pictures but the party is for boys only. Ok, Thanks for bending your rules for me a bit.


I really think we should have a birthday week. How fun would that be?

Oh, and the Mom should get some presents too. Since she was the one who did all of the work that very special day. Anyone remember Mary? Girlfriend, rode on a donkey, gave birth in a stable and we celebrate her.


I feel like this guy this week. Rolling here and there and everywhere. Trying to get to my goal, but of course there is so much to do.


I woke up this morning thinking I need a date night with Mr. Dunbar too.  It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those.  Usually we have a weekend in the fall where we do something away, it didn’t happen this year. Two wrenches: our church didn’t have their annual marriage getaway and somebody won’t take a bottle. But I’m feeling the need to get dressed up and eat a nice meal with my own plate and fork and perhaps an adult beverage or two or lets get crazy here, three.


But before I can even think of getting dressed up for a fancy date with my husband this mornings activities need to be accomplished and the clock is ticking and its time for me to sign off. We’re going to try and make it to school early for 100 Mile Club, but I still have to pick up the donuts, and the diaper bag needs to be packed with extra toys and things. 

For a quick run down of this morning:

Pick up donut holes

Go to Monkey’s school

100 Mile Club

Drop Bogie off at school

Go to Bible Study, leave baby there

Go to Monkey’s school for donut holes

Go back to bible study

Pick up Bogie from school

Pick up Monkey from school


At the end of the day I just may want to crawl up into a hole, or perhaps under a dresser to take a break.


~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

Cute post.
I hear ya, it is such a busy time of year.
I keep telling myself to breathe and just take it one day at a time.
And you're right, it is a different crowd at night in Target. The "night" crowd.
Hang in there. It will all get done.

Kerri said...

A birthday week sounds fun...and tiring! Your pics are adorable of your little guy!

Nicolle said...

I think us moms should definitely designate one night a week to go to Target, alone. You are a busy mama, for sure. I love the photos! Cute! I miss that age. Boyd has a couple new shirts like your little guy's green one, from Target. I love them so much, I think I will buy a few more. Hope you get that date night soon. We have one coming up on Saturday!

Jill said...

adorable!!!- the post and the photo subject! :)
we are having birthday week(s) here too! one next wed.!
Happy celebrating!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I can so relate. my oldest and my husband both have Nov. birthdays and I feel like the celebrations never end, or the things needed to celebrate. hope you enjoy celebrating your son's special day

Cindy said...

Great post...sounds a lot like what's going on in my mind half the time!:) I love Target alone...touching it all and smelling all the candles!
Hope your busy day ended well and you're not curled up in the corner somewhere!!:)
have a happy night

totally cute pics too!!!