Friday, November 4, 2011

A 5 on 5… Thankful for the small things

1. A bright green baster that has brought hours of entertainment and soothing gums. ( I think he thought she was trying to take it from him.)IMG_3470

2. Glow sticks on Halloween. This thing has been glowing all week long. IMG_3529IMG_3530

3. Neighbors who bring over treat bags for my kids, that contain things other than candy. And again, hours of fun. Why oh why do we spend so much money on toys?IMG_3150

4. Getting my hair cut, by a fellow blogger, who doesn’t think its weird I’m taking pictures of her.


5. Colorful leaves. Does this mean cooler weather has arrived? IMG_3128

It’s all about the small things this week.

And who else is so impressed with how much I’ve posted this week? I am totally impressed with myself. Ha. But now I’m fighting a cold. Boo. A nice cup of tea sounds good. Or some chicken noodle. Achoo. Okay, gotta go.

~mrs. dunbar


Nicolle said...

Sorry about your cold. Get better quick! :)

I wish Genn could cut my hair too. I love her. I did notice you posted a lot this week, and thought, she is on a roll. I love your posts, so that's a good thing! Boyd had one defective glow stick on Halloween that never glowed, and his other one was kaput after a day. AND, yes, I'm ready to get rid of half of Boyd's toys. It is always the simplest of things that they love the most!

Alisa said...

I AM so totally impressed at your abundance of blog posts this week! Aren't you impressed by mine....oh, wait, I haven't blogged :) I am hoping I get my groove back soon! I am glad you have yours because I love seeing your growing boys, beautiful pictures and your CUTE hair cut!

Ps: I hope your cold doesn't last long!

Genn said...

oh no, sorry to hear you have a cold now! i hope it is mild.
cute post, and yes i am way impressed with all of your blogging this week. I love to read your posts. :)
That is a cute picture of your babe with the baster.
my girls got glow sticks too and they are always so sad when they burn out.
love the salon pics, fun times. :)

hannah singer said...

hooray for the magic basters! my kiddo loved them!
happy weekend to you!

Brooke said...

Aww- this is such a cute post. I love how kiddos love things like basters!! Isn't it funny?! And I love that you were taking pics in the salon. Genn is great, wish I lived close enough to get my hair cut by her too ;D

Kristin said...

Talk about cute kiddos, so are yours! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm guessing you are participating in the Happy Project, too...can't wait!

Megan said...

You and Genn! How fun is that??!! Wish I was in the chair next to you!

I hope you feel better soon. Warn up some of that yummy Chicken Tortilla Soup!

Lori said...

hope you are feeling better soon. looks like a good week for you and your kiddos

Janna said...

Love the picture of you and Genn and that only a fellow blogger would "get" you taking pictures. Thanks for linking up.