Monday, November 14, 2011

We’re Late… Happy Day Project-Day 3

Okay, so I crashed and burned on the Happy Day Project. Well atleast having done it for seven days straight. I do plan on having each day completed though. Its just going to take some time.

  happy day

For Day 3- giftcard for the homeless,  we are participating in “The Gift” at our church. This is a project where families choose to adopt someone else for the holidays. We could have chosen a boy, a girl, a homeless, or even an entire family.

The Dunbar boys chose to sponsor a 6 year old boy this Christmas. IMG_4315

This special boy wants an RC Airplane. It’s the only thing on his list. So that’s exactly what he’ll be getting. We’re also going to include a few other things like crayons and drawing paper for him. And, if I can find it, a book on how to make paper airplanes.


I’d really like to instill the JOY of giving this season, as much as receiving. My boys were pretty excited to do this, I mean who doesn’t like the idea of gifts. But more importantly Mr. Dunbar and I really want them to understand what a blessing it is that we are able to do this for someone else and that not everyone’s holidays looks like ours. One where you write out your Christmas list and as long as the things on it are pretty reasonable, you get what you want. After typing that,  I think perhaps our Christmas vision needs a little restructuring.


But for now, and for this 6 year old boy, I’m hoping that he will see the light of Jesus through these efforts. Because it isn’t about us at all, this whole season is about the birth of a King and all his human life meant for us.

Tis the season.

~mrs. dunbar


Gabe said...

those day by day challenges are hard! Life gets in the way all too often.

Love this idea! and anyway that I can get my kids to think of someone else for a change is a good thing!

Nicolle said...

This is so wonderful. We only buy Boyd a few gifts at Christmas, we don't exchange with anyone else. I love what you said here, and I also want Boyd to know it's more about giving, because we have so many blessings already. I am sure the special boy you picked will truly know that Jesus loves him, by the love you are showing.

Lori said...

I plan on doing an gift off the angel tree with the boys this year too. I want them to realize how blessed we are that we can not only do for ourselves but also for others

Sarah said...

Just beautiful...:)

Mrs. C... said...

Agree whole heartily. It was voted to do the Christmas shoebox with the school verses the Gift from church. They were so excited to go and shower love and fill a plastic shoebox! small word though - be careful of saying We're late - around your parts it has different conotations! Teee Hee

Amber said...

I totally thought the same as Erin with the "we're late" heading! =]

too funny