Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who would’ve thought?

Eight years ago we went from being this:IMG_3600

To today, being this.



He is the ketchup and I am the mustard.

He’s always the little sweet and I am always the little tart.

It’s just the way we are, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Anniversary.

I love you, Mr. Dunbar

~mrs. dunbar


{cindy} said...

Now that has got to be the sweetest and cutest set of halloween costumes ever!
Happy Anniversry to you both.
love the wedding shot!
have a happy day

Nicolle said...

I adore all of your costumes. Your t-shirts make me smile, and so does that little hot dog! The ninjas are adorable too. I can see one of those ninja costumes in our future.

Happy Anniversary. I love your wedding photo. November is a great month to get married. Our 10th anniversary is this Thursday. :)

Lori said...

cute costumes. Happy Anniversary

Simply...Me said...

Very darling! What a blessing you both are as parents to your children and to us!

Genn said...

You guys are a cute couple.
Happy Anniversary!
I love your wedding photo.
I had the same hair.
And tiara.
And veil.
Must have been the style. :)
Super cute costumes too.

Cathy said...

sweet congratulations!!! xoxo

Mrs. C... said...

In case you didn't get my text - Happy Anniversary!! ALSO - I LOVE your anniversary because it in a way is our anniversary too. It marks just how long we have been friends! 8 years of bliss! How funny that y'all have been married 1/2 as long as us this year....time flies my friend. Dinner??? Soon?????

Megan said...

How great! Happy anniversary to you both! I love to see the then and now!

SZM said...

So clever, Mrs. Dunbar! And that has to be the best wedding photo I have ever seen.

Sarah said...

Beautiful..happy anniversary! xxx