Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mama wants a caterpillar

Not a real caterpillar silly. Lewa's Designs has some great vinyl wall art decals at very affordable prices I might add. Kimba is having an exciting giveaway for Lewa's Designs so go check her out. There you find out what caterpillar I am talking about.

Lewa's is owned by an elementary school teacher who is home with her baby right now. You --know, a woman after my own heart. So all you teacher's go check this site out as well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

With decor like this

I am adding red to my family/great/office/playroom.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No plastic here

Went to the market yesterday, and finally had enough bags to
not have to ask for

"Plastic, please."

The only problem; the baggers make these bags so HEAVY.

Friday, May 22, 2009

3 Minutes

According to my timer, (yes I need a timer or I could spend all of nap time on this stinkin' computer,) I've got 3 minutes left. So I am typing furiously fast. My thought of the day is I think I'm afraid of color in my house. Seriously. I love big bold colors and am never afraid to wear different things (like clothes and accesories) but when it comes to my house I always purchase, browns, whites and creams. Every. single. time.
I believe I am afraid of color. Time to change things up a bit.
What is your decorating faux pa? Spelling?? Who cares.
Times up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Me, Today

I wasn't liking the other layout.
Time for a change.
Something new, soon.
I was inspired by Casey.
Life is pretty crazy over here.
Sickness... again!
Major illness, another grandparent.
Career change on the horizon.
Feeling more and more like an adult, everyday.
Wishing for a nap.
Grateful to be with my boys.
Wanting to vacation with my husband.
Longing for peace. And quiet.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Splashin' Around

Summer is just around the corner, so we had to make sure the board shorts fit and the sunscreen is ready. Went to run in the fancy sprinklers today with some friends. The boys had an amazing time in the water. Even Bogie got right in the cold water, face and all.

That's my friend in the back, she's three months prego.
MM and Bogie are going to be water buddies.
His daddy owns a nice big boat and a river house. I can see the college days already...


Got a nice back side, just like his dad.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Mine is set to be pretty busy. Baby shower, volunteering in church, and out of town visitors.

Fun. Fun.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swim Lessons- Check

I have a list of things my kids HAVE to learn how to do. Most of the things I find, I am perfectly capable of teaching:
use a fork, (check)
identify letters, (check)
tie your shoes,
say "Please" and "Thank You," (check)
communicate in moderate spanish, (check)
etc. etc. etc.
It gets more complex as they get older, but you get the idea.

Swimming is one thing Mr. Dunbar and I believe our kids should know how to do and do it well. This is not a task I wanted to tackle. Swim lessons by a real swim coach were part of some of my favorite childhood memories and they gave me a true confidence around bodies of water. Since we live in So Cal, where its swim weather atleast eight months of the year... we signed Monkey up for swim lessons at an indoor pool.

Its really neat, there are only four kids in the class and two of the other boys Luke and Luke are Monkey's buds. Our three families sit together and cheer the boys on.

Actually our friends help me man-handle Bogie.

(Because sticking your tongue out helps you concentrate better.)
They are having a blast.
Do you have a list of things for your kids to accomplish? To try? To attempt? To avoid?
Do share.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moi- Giving it all to God

We have a friend who is a rock star-

Christian Rock Star that is.

His name is Moses, but he is known as Moi. Normally I just muff up the lyrics to a song, any song, but Moi's songs offer up worship to the God of the universe. They are entertaining, well written, and easily enjoyable.

He sang at church a few weeks ago. It had been a while since I'd heard him live. Every time he sings I know the angels up above are cheering. Moi is living a life given to God. He shared how he and his wife have been on their knees more so in 2009 than in a few years past. The economy is hitting everyone hard, but those who keep their eyes on Him, will be rewarded.

I personally love his music.

You can check out his latest c.d/songs on iTunes or here.

I am going to
give a few "gift songs"
via iTunes.
(With the help of Mr. Dunbar of course.)

My favorite songs are "Humility" and "It Pleases You" from some of his older albums.
Check him out and be sure to leave a comment on this post.
Everyone is welcome to enter. (Especially Sandalites.)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Mother's Week, Surprise Finale

The surprise Finale.
My mom left a comment yesterday, so just in case you don't read it here it is. Because she is so much more knowledgeable than I am.
WOW. . . Thank you honey. . .There are no words to express the joy in my HEART right now. My cup runith over. . . Being a mom is the MOST Wonderful, Hardest, Scariest, and Rewarding JOB in the world.
All I can say to all you MOM'S out there including you honey is:
1. Enjoy each day with your babies. You have been BLESSED. A child is a GIFT from GOD. He or she will grow up before your very eyes. Faster than you want them to!
2. YOU WILL make some mistakes along the way. Learn to forgive yourself and pray that your kids will forgive you too. When things got tough, I would throw my arms up and pray out LOUD,"God,HELP ME, give me patience, please help me NOW". IT WORKED EVERYTIME!!!!
3. If at first you don't succeed you try and try again. What worked with your first child may not work with the second or third. That's when you call upon the wisdom of the women that surround you. ie; your own moms, your mother-in-laws, your grandmothers, your girlfriends and your PRAYER PARTNERS.
4. Never forget that you were a wife FIRST and then a MOTHER. Ladies, your husbands love their babies too but, they NEED your time and attention. So.... Do you need a FREE babysitter? Be wise, this is your opportunity to make TWO people You LOVE Happy. Call on your Moms and Mother-in-Laws. Two to three hours out with your husband will make a world of difference in your marriage not to mention the blessing your bestowing on your parents and or in-laws by ALLOWING them to spend time with THEIR grandchildren.
5. Sleep. . . get as much as you can. You will have YEARS of sleepless nights. You think it's hard waking up in the middle of the night to feed an infant ha, that was easy! Just wait until they become teenagers and their out on DATES driving your new car!!! And then they want to go OFF to college for 4 years. Just get ready! It's not easy letting go. OH, OH, OH, just wait until the day comes when they tell you they want to go to another continent (Europe) for 2 months!!! If you don't own any knee pads I suggest you start thinking about buying some now.
6. Every stage of your child's life is precious. I can't say I have a favorite age. It's been a wonder journey.I LOVE ALL THREE OF MY BABIES ALL THE SAME. Each one has filled my life with HAPPINESS and JOY. I've had my share of scary moments,(my fire bug son you know who you are and my evil-Knievel off road driver! (totaled a brand new truck) and yes, I've live through a few heartaches as well, But all in all I have been truly BLESSED.

Once again thank you for this wonderful gift. But then, I was Blessed the day you were born. You were an easy child to raise. My little princess, my perfectionist, my little girl.
Love Always and forever, MOM

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Mother's Week, Part Three

In honor of moms...
My Mom

Okay you've read that I have got the coolest mom ever because truly I do. But let me just tell you a few more things about her.

  • She is the most hardworking, lovable, supportive, funny mom ever.
  • She spent twenty years in the military. Ha, not really, my dad did but my mom worked just as hard as he did. Most of the time being a single mom raising three kids.
  • She has been married to my dad for 32 years, not including the three years they spent dating. Totally unheard of nowadays.
  • She spent a majority of my growing years as a stay at home mom, then headed into a crazy career dealing with criminals.
  • My mom is the kind of woman who is sold out for her kids. She is willing to do anything for us. Anything, even if that means going to work all day and still spending her evenings watching her grandkids or coming over to help me get something done, simply because I ask.
  • She always speaks with the boys in Spanish.
  • She trusts God without limits. She can spout off bible verses with the best of em.
  • She's a "yes" woman.
  • She has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has never given up on me. Always been loving and kind, when sometimes it wasn't recriprocated. You know, those teenage years...
  • She is the ultimate girlie girl. Getting her hair, nails, skin, and toes done are an absolute must. Oh, and Shopaholic, doesn't have a thing on my mom. But that totally works out in my favor.
  • According to Mr. Dunbar, she is the best MIL in the world. A woman doesn't get to be married for 32 years without knowing what's important to her husband and she has taught me how to love my husband, encourage me in my submission and respect for him.
  • She can clean and polish anything to look brand new again. Whenever she watches the boys at my house I can be assured that something will look better when I get home than when I left.
  • She is persistent in the relationships in her life. I have never seen anyone show compassion and love over and over again to people, even when they don't deserve it.
  • She is the kind of mom that wants you to do better than she did, even though, I think she's done a pretty amazing job in life.
  • She's a great conversationalist and is interested in those she's around. She is the kind of girl you can talk with for hours and hours.
  • She is wonderful inside and out. She always says "Hello, My Darling. How are you?" Always.

  • Love you, Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Mother's Week, Part Two

Honoring Moms...
Girlfriends and Moms

We've had a baby boom around here these past few years. In 2008 I had sixteen friends who were pregnant. Two of them were due on the same day and gave birth on the exact same day. I was constantly going to baby showers and every time I did I was grateful that another baby would be born into a wonderful family with loving parents.

I love my girlfriends.

I love the fact that we share stories of hiding in the closet to talk with our friends (hum-mm Katie!)
I love that talking about poop and potty training and lack of sleep and working boobs are a common place topic, even at the dinner table.

I appreciate that I have girlfriends whose kids are older than mine and they guide and lead my little guys. (High-five Bubba!!)
I am grateful for the sound minds and biblically based encouragement I get from my way educated "tenured" mom friends. (Thanks Cathy.)
I love that I have working friends who value their kids so much so that they schedule times just to be with them and play with them and us. (Salinas Family -whoo-hoo.)
I enjoy my stay at home friends who get together for coffee in sweats and let the kids run a muck.

I am so grateful that I am surrounded by mamas who are strong nurturers, lovers, teachers, financial wizzes, savvy money savers, (and some shopaholics), who value their role as Mom, Mommy, Mama.
Its hard work, this Mom thing, and doing it alone is craziness. Even collaboration amongst moms is wacky, but it makes it a whole lot more fun. I am so happy that all of my friends who want to be mom's are having their wishes come true. (Ali!! and Adrienne- with million dollar babies) This is a trip of a lifetime and I'm glad we're all on it together.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its Mother's Week, Part One

So, I wanted to honor some of the special "mothers" in my life.

Today, my Mother-In-Love.
(She doesn't like to be in pictures so here are her hands holding Bogie.)

  • I have an absolutely fantastic mother-in-law. How could I not think so? She raised and nurtured the man of my dreams.
  • My MIL raised two boys into men, they are both awesome fathers, husbands, friends, and professionals.
  • She loves my boys to no end. On the phone this past weekend, while we were already driving to her house so she could babysit (did I mention Mr. Dunbar was on the phone, calling her to ask) her reply was, "Sure, bring them over. I always have time for my grandsons." And its true she does.
  • She takes care of the boys whenever I need to get something done without twenty extra fingers helping me.
  • She always has an encouraging word.
  • She is forever telling Mr. Dunbar and I how we "are doing it right. Living life with the right priorities.
  • She bakes me Monkey Bread for every major holiday. My favorite, favorite, favorite.
  • She is a good listener.
  • She offers advice in a kind round-about way. Sure she tells us what to do sometimes, like "don't forget to call Auntie", or "have you sent out an invitation to so-and-so", but it is always with the best intentions and I remind myself that she is Mr. Dunbar's mom, and a mother's work is never done.
  • Each time we go to her house she gets a grocery bag out and Monkey goes shopping in her cupboards. Last week we brought home a can of peaches, Triscuit, Gatorade, and apples.
  • She ends each phone call with "Love you."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Year At a Time

Bogie is a one in a million kid. Literally.
Before he was born I had a liver condition (that woman only get while pregnant) so he had to be delivered early. The amnio came back inconclusive as to whether or not he would breathe.
He did.
He was born with two teeth.
They were both pulled.
When he was two weeks old his pediatrician discovered a heart murmur. It sounded stronger than an innocent murmur at the time, they didn't know how detrimental it was. So we went to see the Pediatric Cardiologist. We've done it every few months since then.

Each time I have forgotten the camera. Finally I remembered to bring it on our most recent visit.
Here is what spending almost four hours at the doctor's office looks like.

Step one, chest x-ray.
Step Two, EKG.

Step three, wait for Cardiologist.
Play with anything and everything that is not nailed to the wall.

Step four, Cardiologist says "We'll see you in a year."
Whoo HOOO!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Why do I buy them toys?

We walk three to four times a week as a family. Well, Mr. Dunbar, Dodger, Blue, and I do. The boys sit in the stroller and enjoy the ride. These have been the toys of choice most recently.

Lint rollers! Are you kidding me?
Oh well, keeps em entertained.