Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swim Lessons- Check

I have a list of things my kids HAVE to learn how to do. Most of the things I find, I am perfectly capable of teaching:
use a fork, (check)
identify letters, (check)
tie your shoes,
say "Please" and "Thank You," (check)
communicate in moderate spanish, (check)
etc. etc. etc.
It gets more complex as they get older, but you get the idea.

Swimming is one thing Mr. Dunbar and I believe our kids should know how to do and do it well. This is not a task I wanted to tackle. Swim lessons by a real swim coach were part of some of my favorite childhood memories and they gave me a true confidence around bodies of water. Since we live in So Cal, where its swim weather atleast eight months of the year... we signed Monkey up for swim lessons at an indoor pool.

Its really neat, there are only four kids in the class and two of the other boys Luke and Luke are Monkey's buds. Our three families sit together and cheer the boys on.

Actually our friends help me man-handle Bogie.

(Because sticking your tongue out helps you concentrate better.)
They are having a blast.
Do you have a list of things for your kids to accomplish? To try? To attempt? To avoid?
Do share.


jen@odbt said...

This is a great idea. I never really thought of what I want my kids have to learn. This would make for a good post. Swimming would definitely be one especially since I'm not a great swimmer. I'd like for them to avoid sky diving/bungee jumping.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a new list to start. I will get right on that. You give me such good ideas!

Amber said...

Cute pictures! Love the last one of Monkey on the kick board!

Lori said...

That is a thought-provoking question! I'd also love our girls to learn how to swim early, but I can't check that off the list quite yet. I'd also love for them to be avid readers, but since neither one can read yet that one will also remain unchecked. I hope that they will also have their own close relationship with the Lord, and we're gaining ground on that one.

Great post! :)

patty said...

i'm still trying to teach my 13 & 14 year olds how to turn their stinky, dirty socks right side out when putting them in the laundry for me to wash!! :o
cute swim pictures and i believe swim lessons are a necessity, too!