Friday, May 22, 2009

3 Minutes

According to my timer, (yes I need a timer or I could spend all of nap time on this stinkin' computer,) I've got 3 minutes left. So I am typing furiously fast. My thought of the day is I think I'm afraid of color in my house. Seriously. I love big bold colors and am never afraid to wear different things (like clothes and accesories) but when it comes to my house I always purchase, browns, whites and creams. Every. single. time.
I believe I am afraid of color. Time to change things up a bit.
What is your decorating faux pa? Spelling?? Who cares.
Times up.


Nic B. said...

Keeping EVERYTHING out

Mrs. C... said...

Accessories. I either have too many, or not enough. Rarely do I get it right. Don't worry about color, it is paint, we can change it. I think your kitchen would be great in YELLOW, a nice bright YELLOW like in Missy's room. Come on over and check out the color! Hint hint ;)

Anonymous said...

Check with your husband first before you spend ,spend and spend. Otherwise you will be classifiied as your mom " always spending and never satisfied"

Ms. Tee said...

I do the same thing. I love color, but I *always* gravitate to very neutral colors. I think it's because those colors are so calming and relaxing to me. :)
(P.S. my new camera is a Nikon d90.)

Anonymous said...

faux pas.

patty said...

funny because my son just told me today that we live in a rainbow house with different colors in all the rooms. it's not true, anyhow, but so what, anyway! it's only a can of paint. unless, of course, you are paying someone else to do it... then, ummm, brave!