Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No plastic here

Went to the market yesterday, and finally had enough bags to
not have to ask for

"Plastic, please."

The only problem; the baggers make these bags so HEAVY.


Tawny said...

You are so good! I think my biggest problem is remembering to put the bag back in my car after using them!

Anonymous said...

Go to Winco, where you bag your own groceries! The prices are amazing, so much less than any of the other grocery stores. At first I thought it was a pain to bag my own groceries, but now I when I am somewhere else, I want the baggers to move back so I can do it myself! lol. I, too, finally have enough reusable bags, which I love. BUT I keep forgetting them in the car, especially when I run in for just a couple things (which always turns into a full shop!) And with three kids, it is too much work to run back out the car. I need to just get in the habit of bringing them in with me wherever I go.

I will e-mail you... we will play soon, I promise!