Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Year At a Time

Bogie is a one in a million kid. Literally.
Before he was born I had a liver condition (that woman only get while pregnant) so he had to be delivered early. The amnio came back inconclusive as to whether or not he would breathe.
He did.
He was born with two teeth.
They were both pulled.
When he was two weeks old his pediatrician discovered a heart murmur. It sounded stronger than an innocent murmur at the time, they didn't know how detrimental it was. So we went to see the Pediatric Cardiologist. We've done it every few months since then.

Each time I have forgotten the camera. Finally I remembered to bring it on our most recent visit.
Here is what spending almost four hours at the doctor's office looks like.

Step one, chest x-ray.
Step Two, EKG.

Step three, wait for Cardiologist.
Play with anything and everything that is not nailed to the wall.

Step four, Cardiologist says "We'll see you in a year."
Whoo HOOO!!!!


jen@odbt said...

What a relief! Hooray and I can say what a great patient Bogie is - to have all those wires hooked up and not be moving? wow.

Christian said...

Two kids I know had/have hear murmurs, one has already outgrown it. What a trooper, you and him!