Monday, May 11, 2009

Moi- Giving it all to God

We have a friend who is a rock star-

Christian Rock Star that is.

His name is Moses, but he is known as Moi. Normally I just muff up the lyrics to a song, any song, but Moi's songs offer up worship to the God of the universe. They are entertaining, well written, and easily enjoyable.

He sang at church a few weeks ago. It had been a while since I'd heard him live. Every time he sings I know the angels up above are cheering. Moi is living a life given to God. He shared how he and his wife have been on their knees more so in 2009 than in a few years past. The economy is hitting everyone hard, but those who keep their eyes on Him, will be rewarded.

I personally love his music.

You can check out his latest c.d/songs on iTunes or here.

I am going to
give a few "gift songs"
via iTunes.
(With the help of Mr. Dunbar of course.)

My favorite songs are "Humility" and "It Pleases You" from some of his older albums.
Check him out and be sure to leave a comment on this post.
Everyone is welcome to enter. (Especially Sandalites.)


Christian said...

Thanks for the chance, this is a great giveaway. Good luck to all!

Lori said...

Wow - how cool to know a real life rock star! I love hearing about new Christian artists, so thanks for the recommendation! :)