Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Mother's Week, Part Three

In honor of moms...
My Mom

Okay you've read that I have got the coolest mom ever because truly I do. But let me just tell you a few more things about her.

  • She is the most hardworking, lovable, supportive, funny mom ever.
  • She spent twenty years in the military. Ha, not really, my dad did but my mom worked just as hard as he did. Most of the time being a single mom raising three kids.
  • She has been married to my dad for 32 years, not including the three years they spent dating. Totally unheard of nowadays.
  • She spent a majority of my growing years as a stay at home mom, then headed into a crazy career dealing with criminals.
  • My mom is the kind of woman who is sold out for her kids. She is willing to do anything for us. Anything, even if that means going to work all day and still spending her evenings watching her grandkids or coming over to help me get something done, simply because I ask.
  • She always speaks with the boys in Spanish.
  • She trusts God without limits. She can spout off bible verses with the best of em.
  • She's a "yes" woman.
  • She has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has never given up on me. Always been loving and kind, when sometimes it wasn't recriprocated. You know, those teenage years...
  • She is the ultimate girlie girl. Getting her hair, nails, skin, and toes done are an absolute must. Oh, and Shopaholic, doesn't have a thing on my mom. But that totally works out in my favor.
  • According to Mr. Dunbar, she is the best MIL in the world. A woman doesn't get to be married for 32 years without knowing what's important to her husband and she has taught me how to love my husband, encourage me in my submission and respect for him.
  • She can clean and polish anything to look brand new again. Whenever she watches the boys at my house I can be assured that something will look better when I get home than when I left.
  • She is persistent in the relationships in her life. I have never seen anyone show compassion and love over and over again to people, even when they don't deserve it.
  • She is the kind of mom that wants you to do better than she did, even though, I think she's done a pretty amazing job in life.
  • She's a great conversationalist and is interested in those she's around. She is the kind of girl you can talk with for hours and hours.
  • She is wonderful inside and out. She always says "Hello, My Darling. How are you?" Always.

  • Love you, Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.


jen@odbt said...

I've enjoyed your Mother's Week posts. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Enjoy your weekend with all the wonderful mothers in your life, you too!

Anonymous said...

Awww! So sweet. I love your mother's day posts. Great idea! So, we need to get the kids together and play soon. If you are daring, we could take the kids in our pool, now that the weather is warming up. Let me know when you are free and we'll set a date!

Anonymous said...

WOW. . . Thank you honey. . .
There are no words to express the joy in my HEART right now. My cup runith over. . .
Being a mom is the MOST Wonderful, Hardest, Scariest, and Rewarding JOB in the world.
All I can say to all you MOM'S out there including you honey is:
1. Enjoy each day with your babies. You have been BLESSED. A child is a GIFT from GOD. He or she will grow up before your very eyes. Faster than you want them to!
2. YOU WILL make some mistakes along the way. Learn to forgive yourself and pray that your kids will forgive you too. When things got tough, I would throw my arms up and pray out LOUD,"God,HELP ME, give me patience, please help me NOW". IT WORKED EVERYTIME!!!!
3. If at first you don't succeed you try and try again. What worked with your first child may not work with the second or third. That's when you call upon the Wisdon of the women that surround you. ie; your own moms, your mother-in-laws, your grandmothers, your girlfriends and your PRAYER PARTNERS.
4. Never forget that you were a wife FIRST and then a MOTHER. Ladies, your husbands love thier babies too but, they NEED your time and attention. So.... Do you need a FREE babysitter? Be wise, this is your opportunity to make TWO people You LOVE Happy. Call on your Moms and Mother-in-Laws. Two to three hours out with your husband will make a world of difference in your marriage not to mention the blessing your bestowing on your parents and or in-laws by ALLOWING them to spend time with THEIR grandchildren.
5. Sleep. . . get as much as you can. You will have YEARS of sleepless nights. You think it's hard wakeing up in the middle of the night to feed an infant ha, that was easy! Just wait until they become teenagers and their out on DATES driving your new car!!! And then they want to go OFF to college for 4 years. Just get ready! It's not easy letting go. OH, OH, OH, just wait until the day comes when they tell you they want to go to another country (Europe) for 2 months!!! If you don't own any knee pads I suggest you start thinking about buying some now.
6. Every stage of your child's life is precious. I can't say I have a favorite age. It's been a wonder journey.

I LOVE ALL THREE OF MY BABIES ALL THE SAME. Each one has filled my life with HAPPINESS and JOY. I've had my share of scary moments,(my fire bug son you know who you are and my evil-kenievel off road driver! (totaled a brand new truck) and yes, I've live through a few heartaches as well, But all in all I have been truely BLESSED.

Once again thank you for this wonderful gift. But then, I was Blessed the day you were born. You were an easy child to raise. My little princess, my perfectionest, my little girl.

Love Always and forever, MOM

Cathy said...

Two gifts in one. Your tribute to your mom and your mom's response. The acorn doesn't fall far from the bless, sweet friend.

Ms. Tee said...

What a sweet post on your Mom! I loved reading all of it - hope you have a wonderful Mom's Day, too! :)

katie said...

Irene, love the Mother's Week posts! You are a treasure, and these posts have been a gift to read, thanks! I hope you have a wonderful Mothers day. I might just call Scott to remind him how wonderful you are! I'm sure he already knows.

Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Your relationship sounds like something I want with my own daughters. You did a great job sharing...both you and your mom.