Thursday, July 5, 2012

And you thought we rocked the first day?

The second day of our short trip we headed out for America’s Favorite Past-Time.


Mr. Dunbar and his posse getting tickets. IMG_1811IMG_1813IMG_1823

Okay, please don’t show these to our dentist.IMG_1827IMG_1830IMG_1831

Give the poor child some slurpee!IMG_1843IMG_1845IMG_1846

What the heck is a White Otter?IMG_1848IMG_1849

Who doesn’t try to maul their husband’s face at a baseball game?IMG_1850IMG_1852

We lasted about 4.5 innings and then headed back for naps. IMG_1822

These are the muy atentico tacos we had for dinner. Delicioso!!IMG_1866

And by the end of the weekend my BIL was tired of me taking pictures, so this is what I got! IMG_1878

And that concludes our trip. Fun times.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In the Midst of our Chaos…

We headed out of Dodge to venture with some more Dunbar Hooligans this past weekend. It was a quick trip, probably the shortest one ever and we will never do that again, 2 days is just not enough for these little guys to be together. Bu as always they had a blast.

Our 1st morning just hanging… IMG_1632IMG_1636IMG_1634IMG_1641IMG_1651

Check out those legs! We wouldn’t want to get our pant bottoms wet.IMG_1656


We headed to a Pond for the afternoon and then to see a fireworks show displayed over the pond. People this is as close to camping as it gets for this Dunbar. Just a friendly reminder for all you “friends” who are trying to get us out to nature.


It looks very serene from this point but just around the bend, there were a lot of “colorful”people out to enjoy a holiday weekend, if you know what I mean.  And that big splash out there in the pond is the other Mr. Dunbar. IMG_1692IMG_1679IMG_1701IMG_1702IMG_1690IMG_1683


Still rocking the Ergo.IMG_1685IMG_1707IMG_1709IMG_1722

My SIL rocks with healthy food. Junk food doesn’t even enter into her menu. She packed rotisserie chicken, fresh pineapple, raspberries, a whole slew of peppers, carrots, hummus,  and two kinds of salad.  Per my request a bag of tortilla chips and some chocolate chip cookies were thrown in. It was all devoured.


Only Baby #3 would get away with this! The bottle was promptly removed post-picture.


Until lovely cousin here decided to share again. IMG_1719

The big boys passed around a football.


The little boys turned sticks into guns.IMG_1785IMG_1786IMG_1787

The other Mrs. Dunbar made funnies at the camera.IMG_1765IMG_1766



By the end of the day this Mommy felt just like this!IMG_1800