Thursday, July 5, 2012

And you thought we rocked the first day?

The second day of our short trip we headed out for America’s Favorite Past-Time.


Mr. Dunbar and his posse getting tickets. IMG_1811IMG_1813IMG_1823

Okay, please don’t show these to our dentist.IMG_1827IMG_1830IMG_1831

Give the poor child some slurpee!IMG_1843IMG_1845IMG_1846

What the heck is a White Otter?IMG_1848IMG_1849

Who doesn’t try to maul their husband’s face at a baseball game?IMG_1850IMG_1852

We lasted about 4.5 innings and then headed back for naps. IMG_1822

These are the muy atentico tacos we had for dinner. Delicioso!!IMG_1866

And by the end of the weekend my BIL was tired of me taking pictures, so this is what I got! IMG_1878

And that concludes our trip. Fun times.

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Nicolle said...

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. Have missed you around here!