Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle because we went Back to School

Well folks, summer is over and now its time to get on with life as we know it.

School. Blogging. Sports. Church. Work. Work. And more work.

The boys headed back to school this morning and wow, am I ever out of shape with taking pictures. My camera and I have got to get reacquainted, I kept checking shots and they were either way blown out or super dark. Must practice more.

Anyhow, here are some back to school snapshots.IMG_2041

Where is your smile Bogie?


Look at those dimples! Oh and the missing teeth. Bogie is truly a one in a million kid.IMG_2053 

My handsome firstborn. You will go so far in life. You got up and ran a half mile this morning just because you wanted to break in your new running shoes. Good thing Daddy was home to take you. Endurance, strength, intelligence; you’ve got them all!IMG_2046

When I asked Bogie to pick out some shoes for school, he said “I want those ones.” Yup, those are what we call “Bogie Shoes.” Charisma, intellect, and passion are your strengths. You are always such a joy. IMG_2049

Trying to get a picture of all 3 boys just didn’t happen. Neither did the family shot. IMG_2058

Here is Monkey with his teacher, Mrs. Rowe. He has an awesome class this year.IMG_2064

Chunk was ready to start school in Bogie’s classroom. Bogie starts on Wednesday and then we’ll get some more shots of him. This little one has persistence, communication, and drive. IMG_2076

Check back soon for the latest Dunbar happenings. It’s been a lot and at the same time, nothing much. Ever experience that?


jen@odbt said...

They are so handsome. Hope they had a great first day and a great year ahead. Been thinking of you and can't wait to catch up on your adventures.

The Salinas Family said...

Welcome back to blog land! Missed seeing you today on campus! I hope you have a wonderful day! XO

Unknown said...

Ahhh... They r looking so grown up. Exactly one week today and we start back... Looking forward to the next season :) missed reading your blog. Glad your back

Genn said...

Hi stranger!
Good to see a new post from you.
I felt the same way with my camera on the first day of school. Time to get reaquainted with my old friend.

The boys are all looking so grown up and so handsome.

Did you get your haircut? Hope so.

{cindy} said...

welcome back!!
summers can be so hard can't they?
hard to do it all and capture and post about it all too.
ready to start reading again:)
have a happy day