Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jingle Bells

Well okay, I don’t really have any Christmas bells to share with you, I just wanted to type that.

I had to put the Reese’s Mini’s up on a shelf out of little hands reach and mine too. IMG_6067

I made some cupcakes for Mr. Dunbar’s employees this week. Only two (not-so-pretty) ones were saved for little people who like cupcakes. Little boys don’t care whether the frosting looks good or not. They did look in the mirror to check their tongues afterwards though.

The next day I was making crescent rolls (from a tube) when Bogie rushed to wash his hands and pop in the kitchen to help me. Can you tell which ones are his? I was cracking up and sort of gagging. But I baked them anyways. Nobody noticed the difference but me.

This guy is just a snuggler. A very wiggly giggly snuggler. He's also 10 months old today and is cutter his first tooth... on the top. Looks like the bottom ones are not going to come in after all. IMG_6089

And these two have discovered that they can watch Christmas movies on You Tube. I can’t find any of our Christmas DVD’s. No Frosty, no Rudolph, no Miracle on 34th street.  I’m just not willing to go out and buy them again, when I am convinced there is another Christmas bin the the black hole we call a garage.

I think Meg’s house is my absolute favorite this holiday season. I love everything about it. It’s classic. And friendly. And fun.
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.
Every single one of her shots was fabulous.

I don’t have any fantastic home photos, but I did catch this one.
And he’s mine all mine. Along with a Pluto Band-Aid on the bumm.
~mrs. dunbar


Eric and Jenny said...

Love your posts they are so fun! Your WIWW was great, what a cute mommy you are. One of these days maybe I will get brave and do one myself. I always love Genn's and yours was great too.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

these pictures are are so talented! you seem to capture those moments we all have with our children, but never captured outside our memories. i think this is why we love them so much. thank you for blessing us mamas with triggers that remind us of sweet moments long ago. xoxo

{and the crescents made me lol}

Nicolle said...

The colors in Meg's home are beautiful. I wish I was brave with that much color! Love that last shot of the bandaid. :) That really made me smile!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

so cute. my youngest son always runs and washes his hands whenever I bake in the kitchen. it's so hard not to fix what they've done