Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey there, Ho there

Who me? Yes you. Say what? Chicken b…

Okay don’t answer that.

Christmas vacation is here and the boys are going to be home every single day. With me. All day long.

From sun up to sun down.

From waking time to bed time. Praying for sunshine.

I just found these pictures on my camera. I didn’t take them. Monkey did. I like finding sweet photos on my camera. Since I am pretty much the only one who ever takes pictures around here I’m not really in too many. Maybe next time Monkey will take a picture of me. But for now, I’m smiling with new found pictures of the Baby.

On a different not, presents are wrapped.

This is how creative they get in the Dunbar home. Mr. Dunbar said not to even put ribbon on the packages, boys don’t care he said. Great. Why do I try?  I’m constantly asking myself this question these days. I think it’s only the beginning of this cycle. But the answer is because its my duty to teach all of these Dunbar Men, what girls like.

And girls like ribbon. Even if they hate to wrap packages. (I secretly hate to wrap.) Girls like details. Ribbon just happens to be one of the details today.

That gift bag up there. The only one with pink. Is mine. I wrapped it myself. There are two gifts inside. Both of which were $10 or less. And I’m super excited about both. Yeah Me.

In keeping with teaching these future men about girls, I bought myself a girlie mug. I’ve been waiting for a year for a Christmas mug. It’s one of the things I like to change out seasonally.  And with a mug that looks like that, I don’t think anyone will be trying to drink out of it in this house.

This one even has it’s own coaster or spoon holder.  And it looks even better with hot chocolate and whipped cream. Yum.

But if I use up all my sweet calories first thing in the morning its this for the afternoon. IMG_6030

I find that when I pull out a healthy snack, the boys just naturally start snacking on them too.

Good stuff.

Healthy bodies.

Happy mom.

Wish me luck. I’ve got all three boys from sun up to sun down for the next 17 days.

Such a blessing.  Truly.
~mrs. dunbar


The Frat Pack + Me said...

awesome...from Monkey's shots to the lemon water...

Eric and Jenny said...

Love that teaching your boys what girls like, so perfect. I am going to use that line on my husband when he says I am going overboard on my boys. It's not for them, it's for those futures wives someday!

Gabe said...

Bless your heart on the long vacation. . .my kids go to school until Thursday, and I have to tell you I am not too sad about the short break, they are mind you, but I am NOT!

Love the sweet shots of your baby! I love it when I find those photos on my camera!

Can't wait to see what you get for Christmas!

Genn said...

Cute post.
Cute mug.
My go to snack has been carrots and hummus. I love it.
And why does water look SO much more fun in mason jars with lemon? Hmmm.
Enjoy those boys of yours the next 17 days. And um, good luck too. ;)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad it's not just me dreading the winter break... lol! I need to make more hummus, it's totally addicting. I like to eat it with sweet potato chips

Nicolle said...

Wishing you luck on the house full of boys, for the next 17 days! :)

I love hummus and carrots together.

Love your Christmas mug. I think it's fun to drink out of one during the holidays. Makes that coffee taste even better.


Sarah said...

You are one gorgeous lady and I love your standards of ribbon teaching. The presents look delicious. I brought myself some jeans and gave to my hubby to wrap for me...hehe! Oh yes, hommus and carrots one of my favourite afternoon munchie snacks! Merry Christmas Mrs. Dunbar to you and your beautiful boys! xxx