Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating the Winter Wonderland

We went and chose  our Christmas tree this past weekend. Papa played Santa early and bought the tree. Thanks, Papa.

The great choosing is easy with boys.

“What do you think guys, do you like this one? Or this one?”

“We like that one.”


In and out.

Truly, men in the making.


This guy stayed home for the choosing of the tree. But when the bins of decorations came out, he was all over it. It was truly a wonderland for this guy.


Stringing the lights.


Why do I buy toys?

This was entertainment. IMG_5247IMG_5255


We played Christmas Carols and decorated the tree. Ornaments are now clumped together with a bottom heavy tree. Pictures forthcoming.

Is your tree up? Picture perfect or kid perfect?

~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

I love the first picture of him looking in the bin... too cute. my boys helped put the ornaments on the tree, but I moved them around after to balance things a bit

SZM said...

Tree is up, half lit, and not an ornament on it!

Megan said...

He is so big...when did that happen? Yes, my kids played with a suitcase on wheels the other day for an hour and I though the same thing...who needs toys? No tree, but my Mom's and sister's are up and waiting for us and that's the next best thing!

Eric and Jenny said...

Okay your baby is pretty much killing me in these pictures. The pajamas, the playing with the lights, his cute round little head....so perfect!

Hey guess what we have that same night before Christmas book, are your popups all torn out and destroyed like ours are. Are you boys destructive like mine?

Cathy said...

"men in the making" -- that one made me LOL :) {so true} xoxo